Teens with substance abuse problems

Most teens enrolled in troubled teen boarding schools have either experimented with or are experienced drug abusers. The drugs they use are usually gateway drugs like marijuana, alcohol, and ecstasy. Older students in some cases have moved onto harder drugs, and some have even spent time selling drugs to support their habits. Many students steal from their family members to pay for their habit.

It is sad that some families have to dead bolt the doors to their rooms to prevent their belongings from being stolen while they are gone. Some boarding schools incorporate substance abuse treatment into their daily routine. Some use a 12 step program with students attending meetings either on site or at a location close by. One thing most teen boarding schools have in common is students in need of a substance abuse program. It is important to make sure any placement option parents consider address the substance abuse issue.

Troubled Teens Dealing Drugs

When a teen tries and eventually gets hooked on drugs they will eventually need to find a way to support their habit. Drug abuse usually leads to termination of any employment they may have previously had. With the economy as poor as it is currently, finding a job can be a difficult venture. The easiest option with no application process is selling drugs to pay for their habit. Many parents are shocked to find that their child has been dealing drugs. One precursor to the teen actually becoming a drug dealer is the loss of objects from the house. If things start to come up missing, and your child has a new group of friends this may be a sign that your child is heading in a negative direction.

Boarding Schools and Drug Abuse

Most boarding schools are for the most part drug free zones. This is not always the case, and it is possible for drugs to be taken into the school from time to time. Some schools check the student’s belongings when they return from a home visit or a trip away from campus. This does not assure that inappropriate items will not get by those doing the inspection. Sometimes a student’s sibling will even bring something on campus for their relative so they can get high.

Some schools have drug sniffing dogs that check the student’s items when they return. Most boarding schools will check a new students belongings very carefully when they first arrive, but are a little more lax when the student has just returned from a visit. Parents would also be wise to sort through their child’s belonging prior to traveling. It would be devastating for a parent to unknowingly help their child smuggle drugs on an airplane.