Is There Help For My Troubled 18 Year Old?

Is There Help for My Troubled 18 Year Old?

My 18 year old is acting out and it doesn’t look like he is going to graduate from high school. Parents call many times looking for help for older teens 17, or even 18 years of age. The problem with a teen that is 17 almost 18, is the fact that they know they can not be forced to stay past their 18th birthday. This means that for an 18 year old they must be “willing” to stay in any program or boot camp they are enrolled in. The best way to help a defiant teen or an at risk youth, is to get help as early as possible. The older the teen gets the more difficult and less effective a program might be.

Summer School Drama

When we speak of summer school drama we are not referring to a drama class taken during the summer time. Summer school drama in this case, refers to the drama parents go through trying to get their teen to attend summer school. When teen’s do poorly in school during the regular school year many times they are asked to attend summer school to finish work they didn’t finish during the school. This is a difficult event for parents to enforce. The teen who probably hates school to begin with, is less than excited about the prospect of attending school during their summer vacation.

My Teen is Refusing to go to Summer School, Now What?

When a teen is being required to attend summer school to catch up with the remainder of their class in school they may refuse to go. This puts parents in the position of trying to figure out what to do with the teen. There are some programs, boot camps, and boarding schools that will accept a teen for a few months during the summer. These types of schools are residential, and they have much better luck getting the youngster caught up in school. This is because a boarding school or boot camp is in control of the teen 24-7, making it much more difficult for the teen to skip school and not do their assignments. If a parent decides to enroll a teen in a program for the summer, it is a good idea to keep the intended length of stay from the teen. This will make the program much more effective, and will usually produce much better results. If you teen is refusing to go to school give us a call we can help.

Teens That Are Doing Okay in School but Need Supervision for the Summer

Another category of teens, are those who are doing okay in school, but are defiant and headed for trouble. When both parents work it is difficult to keep an eye on their teen and give them the additional supervision they need. This can make a summer program in a boot camp or boarding school a great option. The teen will be supervised closely, they will be instructed on how to behave, and receive some type of substance abuse training. This is a great way to not only have the teen supervised, but have the teen get the additional help they need.