Teen’s involved with gangs may need help

In some larger cities, children are virtually forced to join a gang just to survive. Some children grow up in a culture where it is basically the norm to join a gang. There are families that send their teens to boarding schools to try to prevent them from becoming involved in a gang. Many gangs have initiation rituals and require the new inductee to even commit some type of crime to complete the enlistment. If the parents have the means to send their child to a troubled teen boarding school it may very well save their life. This is hinged on the fact that the teen doesn’t return to the old neighborhood after finishing his stay at the teen boarding school. It is almost impossible for a teen to return home and not fall back into his or her old behaviors.

College and Boarding Schools

The ideal situation for a child attending a teen boarding school is for them to go directly to a college after they complete their stay. This allows them to move directly into another structured setting similar to the school they have just finished. The teen has usually improved his study habits, and is prepared academically to move forward. Many troubled teen boarding schools require that a teen complete his school work and that he maintain a B average. This gives the teen confidence as he enrolls in college. Some students may not be able to get into a four year college when they complete their boarding school stay, but most will be eligible to start in a Junior College. This can be the case when a teen may have received his or her G.E.D. instead of a traditional diploma.

After Teen Boarding Schools

When the teen has completed his or her program at the residential teen boarding school it is important to have an organized plan in place. If a teen returns home with several months until they start school or until they find a job the plan will most likely fail. The teen will need to make a smooth transition into the next phase of their life. If they return home still in High School it might be a good idea to have them switch to another school rather than the one they left from. This will give them a chance to start fresh and hopefully make a better choice in friends. They will also more than likely not be on the list of problem children in the new school. A fresh start can go a long way in helping the teen achieve the success he is working for.