Teen Discouragement and Hopelessness – What to Do?

Teen Discouragement and Hopelessness

With all of the modern conveniences available to the youth of today it is hard to believe they may be suffering from depression. Teen depression may be one of the issues contributing to the negative behaviors they are displaying. It is always a good idea to seek professional medical help at the onset of a teen that is beginning to display negative behaviors and attitudes. Lets face it the news today can seem pretty depressing to a youngster that doesn’t understand that in most cases new about our countries future is either shaded to the right or to the left depending on who is reporting it.

Another factor to consider is that good news and positive events are not usually broadcast on a regular basis. This can create a state of hopelessness and despair. It is this feeling of, “what is the use” that can lead a teen to seek a release from the hopeless feelings they are experiencing. Discouragement and hopelessness may not be as extreme as a true diagnosis of depression or clinical depression, but it can contribute to a change in a teens behaviors and attitudes.

Teen Boarding School Staff Influence

Some teen boarding schools are able to inject some positive thinking and a more optimistic view of the future. When a teen is bombarded with negativity every time they turn on the television or pick up a news paper it is only logical that this will contribute to feelings of hopelessness. Some boarding schools can help with this by teaching the youth to understand that many news organizations have an agenda they are trying to promote.

When a troubled teen is taught to read between the lines they will learn to extract the actual news from the commentary accompanying it. Another effective tool that is used by some schools is the influence the program staff can have on the students in their care. It is much easier for a person in their 30’s to share their life experiences and their hope for a better future than the teen that only has a few years of trying to sort through what is real and what is not.

Boarding Schools for Depressed Teens

The teen that has a diagnosis of depression can also benefit from placement in a teen boarding school. A teen that literally hurts and suffers from feelings of despair may begin to self medicate to feel better. If a teen that has depression does not receive help they may seek ways to feel better on their own. This will usually be facilitated by the teen beginning to use alcohol, drugs, or even self mutilation as a means of relief.

Obviously these are not the best way for them to deal with the feelings they are experiencing. Many of the teens will refuse any type of therapy or counseling which can increase the difficulty of the situation. Most family doctor’s can prescribe some medication if they are able to determine that the teen is truly depressed. The next challenge comes in making sure that the teen takes, and swallows the medication. Some children will not swallow the meds, and either sell or give them to their friends.