Sexually active teens – Send them to boarding school

It is believed that teens are becoming more sexually active at younger ages than at any other time in history. This is due in part to what is portrayed on television and in movies. The amount of unsupervised time teens have can also play a part in the promiscuity. If a family does not have a strong set of values that understood, and agreed upon the teen is left on his or her own to determine what is morally right and wrong.

Many religions prefer that youth wait until they are married to engage in sexually activities. With a decline in religious activity many teens are influenced by peer pressure to have sex even before they are really in love with someone. It is doubtful that the teen that has sex prior to marriage is mature enough to be having sex let alone handle the circumstances that accompany the act.

Teen Boarding Schools and Sex

When a teen is removed from the home and placed in a troubled teen boarding school, they are usually in need of a major course correction. The disruption of being removed from the home can have a dramatic effect on the youngster. There are teen boarding schools that are co-ed and schools that are single sex. The boarding schools that accommodate both young men and young women need to have a very well organized segregated campus.

It would be naïve to think that teens would be on their honor not to cross boundaries to hook up with the opposite sex. Some schools keep the youth totally separate through physical boundaries and others with staff monitoring. Some teen boarding schools use both physical boundaries and staff to make sure the students stay separate. There are schools that will allow the youth to have activities together, some classes, and even some social events.

Boarding School Problems

Most boarding schools have systems in place to control and monitor every situation that a troubled teen can dish out. Even with the best systems in place a program and or boarding school is only as good as its weakest staff member. If a staff confuses friendship with a student to be something other than what it really is (manipulation) they can be easily played. Some younger women staff members may for the first time in their lives be receiving attention from handsome young men only a few years younger than they are. It is easy for the young staff to get caught up, and be totally unaware of the game the student is playing with them. Before the staff is aware they have been played and may be in jeopardy of losing their job.