Parents, Boarding Schools, Teens, and Smoking

When a teen is checked into a boarding school for troubled teens they will immediately need to quit smoking. Most state laws prevent minors under the age of 18 or 21 to purchase cigarettes. This does not mean that a teen has not been smoking for some time prior to their admission into the school. Some schools provide the patch or some other types of products designed to help the teen kick the habit they have developed.

A contributing factor to the underage smoker may even be one of their parents. Some parents believe they can develop a better relationship with their teen if they act like a buddy rather than a parent. This leads to parents assisting the teen with negative behaviors, and even enabling them. Some parents have even admittedly smoked not only cigarettes with their teen, but also marijuana. This type of “buddy parenting” typically doesn’t produce the desired results. The teen in stead begins to treat the parent like one of their friends, and the adult child relationship may be impossible to rebuild.

Boarding Schools and Obese Teens

With an increase in video games, online activities, and a more docile life style many teens are either over weight and may even reach obese status. Some teen boarding schools will limit the amount of time a teen can spend in front of a television or playing computer games. The teen usually goes through a period of withdrawals and then begins to realize that there is life without electronics. The life style of children differs dramatically from the lifestyle of children 50 years ago.

Once the teen learns that he or she can actually function with some type of electronic devise in their hands, they may even enjoy the physical activity they have not been interested in. Some obese teens will actually begin losing weight soon after they are enrolled in a troubled teen boarding school. It would be wise for parents to limit the time a teen spends using electronic devices. Some parents will allow a teen to use their electronics, if they participate in some type of physical activity every day.

Boarding Schools and Modern Technology

The pre electronic age children and teens were more social and active. Instead of returning home to hop on the internet social sites, the teens used to spend their time actually communicating with each other. Of course the telephone diminished some of the face to face time but the communication was more personal than the chat rooms and texting options of teens today. Some people believe that things that are texted and or emailed would never be mentioned if they had to be mentioned in a face to face setting. It is easy for a teen to say things they wouldn’t normally say when they are in the safety of their own room. The problem comes when they actually have to face the person they have texted.