Home School Option

Home Schooling Increases in Popularity

As the separation of church and state creates a wider and wider gap in the public education system more people are turning to home schooling for their children. Home schooling may be an option for parents that are unable to pay for a private education. The gap in public schools and the core beliefs of most American’s is growing wider by the day. This is due in part to the National Education Association’s core belief in Humanism. In 2008 the majority of people in the United States were Christians. With Humanism at the core of the NEA’s agenda it is no wonder that the gap is growing. Many parents were taught core ethical and moral principles in school as they were growing up. This leads to the confusion for parents as these basics are not mentioned in many schools today. Parents that are lucky enough to spend the day at home with their children find great joy in being able to teach them academically as well as religiously. There are several places parents desiring to home school their children can turn for resources. Many great helps can be found online. The parent desirous of establishing a home school will need to make sure they have everything in order prior to beginning.This will assure their children will receive appropriate credit for the work they do.

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Parents desirous to embark on the home school path should not underestimate the commitment they will be undertaking. It is a major task and will require a lot more time than most parents realize. The benefits are also substantial and the time spent with children will long be remembered.  The parental take on some subjects will weight heavy on the child’s decision making process the remainder of their lives. The home school can also work around the family schedule rather than the education systems time schedule. This allows families to plan vacations and outings around their lives. Many of those who engage in home schooling cherish the experience and would not trade if for anything. It would be advantageous for parents considering a home schooling program to talk with others in their area. People that are currently home schooling will be the best source of information. It may even possible for several families to co-op together and take turns teaching. This may not be allowed in some area’s but it is an option work exploring.

Public Schools And Home Schooling

Some public schools are paid by the day for the number of students they have enrolled and in school each day. This may contribute to a lack of cooperation between public schools and home schools. It is not always the case, but it may be a factor to take into consideration if resistance is met with. Public schools have a required number of days that students are to be in school. They may be penalized or charged back for days when students are absent without a good excuse. This may be the reason some schools have gotten so aggressive about students missing school.