My Teen Has Been Expelled From School

My Teen Has Been Expelled From School

One problem parents struggle with is dealing with a teen that has been kicked out of school. When both parents work outside of the home an expelled child is often left home alone. Depending on the severity of the expulsion the child may be home alone for weeks. This creates stress on the entire family. The problematic child left unsupervised will more than likely get into more trouble than they were in at school.

Parents will obviously be wise to work toward getting their child back into the school they were expelled from or another placement option. Some school districts have special needs schools for teens that are not making it in a regular school. It may be necessary for the parents to invest in a short term teen boarding school. Some schools may accept a student for 30 days, while things are being worked out at home.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools as an Option

If financially able parents may find relief by placing their child in a boarding school that is designed to help a child that is no longer allowed in a regular public school. The advantage the troubled teen boarding school has is the overall control of the teen’s life. Once placed in the boarding school the teens every move is monitored by program staff. If the student decides not to do his assigned school work for the day he or she will more than likely not be allowed to participate in recreational activities that take place after school.

Some schools will have the defiant teen stay after class until they have finished their assignments for the day. Because all of the events in the day are associated and controlled by the same people it is much easier for a troubled teen boarding school to achieve what is nearly impossible at home. Some boarding schools will also plan activities weeks in advance to be used as an incentive for the students to work toward. If the incentive is of interest to the teen they will more than likely work toward obtaining it.

Reintegration into Public School

Once the teen has regained focus and is back on track he may be ready to return to the public education he was expelled from. This may not take place as quickly as parents would like, but it is usually easier once the child has accomplished what is required of him in the more restrictive environment. With his or her school work back and track and behaviors back in check parents and program educators can work together to convince the public school that the teen is ready for another try. This does not mean that parents will be able to sit back and relax and hope for the best. Parents will need to continually monitor their child’s behavior to prevent him or her slipping back into their negative patterns of the past. Once the teen has been placed in a school for defiant teens they will typically be less interested in returning to one.