Does your teen manipulate you? Troubled teen help

Teen Manipulation

The majority of troubled teenagers are very good at manipulation. This is a fancy word meaning, they always find a way to get what they want. Teens will often pit parents against each other. In split families where biological parents do not live together children are able to manipulate much easier. Teens will sometimes learn this behavior from their parents and sometimes from their friends. The split family parents have an especially difficult time trying to get the teens to follow instructions and do what they are asked. The parent that only sees their child on the weekend, doesn’t want to be the authoritarian as the time they have with their child is so limited. When there are children from two or more marriages in the same household it is very difficult not show favoritism or even actions that may seem like favoritism.

Teen Boarding Schools and Manipulation

When a child is checked into a teen boarding school it is pretty well assumed that the child has manipulative skills. Since most schools deal with troubled teens they are fairly well trained to watch for manipulation. A skilled teen manipulator may be able to play parents against each other, and even bring staff from the boarding school into the mix. This requires a great deal of communication between parents and staff. If the program can enlist all of the parents involved to work together the manipulation can be minimized. It is also important for all of the staff working with the teen understand the goals that have been set and the plan of action for the teen.

Boarding Schools for Teens

There are a lot of boarding schools for teens to choose from. It is important that the placement option selected is able to develop a treatment plan that will address the needs of the teens in their care. The treatment plan should include goals for the student, what success will look like, and a well organized communication outline. When a parent understands that their child will do and say just about anything to come home things will go much smoother. This confidence can only come if the parent is totally committed to the program they have chosen.

Parental Commitment to Boarding School

To get to this level of confidence a parent needs to visit the teen boarding school their child is in. The parent should meet and get to know the staff that will be working with their child on a daily basis also. The parent needs to know that if the child starts to make outlandish claims like they haven’t had anything to eat for days, they are getting beat on a regular basis etc. etc. that it is not true. A wise parent will make surprise visits to the program they have selected to assure abusive claims are simply not true. There are teen boarding schools that may act differently when parents are there than when they are not.