Does My Teen Need an Intervention?

Should I Intervene in My Child’s Life?

A question for many parents is “when do I actually remove my child from the dangerous path they are on”? There is not really a one size fits all answer for this question. In some cases a parent’s intuition is the best indicator as to when to do something drastic. Here are a few teen activities that usually accompany the need to take action:

  1. New friends
  2. Dropping Grades
  3. Loss of interest in sports or hobbies
  4. Decreased time with family
  5. Leaving without permission
  6. Sneaking out
  7. Disrespecting those previously respected

This list is not comprehensive and is not meant to determine if and when a child needs help. As with all information on this site, it is a suggestion of activities that may indicate a teen is heading down the wrong path. This is not in anyway meant to replace professional advice. If you suspect your teen is involved in activities that are inappropriate, please seek medical or professional help immediately.

Logical Steps

Parents that believe their teen may be headed in a negative dangerous direction may want to follow these logical steps. The first thing to do may require a little detective work. It is important to know what kind of friends your child is associating with. If a teen will not bring friends into the home, parents may need to push the issue a little further and drop into an activity their teen is attending. Another good way to find out what kind of friends a teen is hanging with may be to contact a guidance counselor or a teacher at school. The educational professionals may not be able to give any specific info about the teens friends, but can at least give the parent some idea of who their teen associates with. Another key indicator being a drop in grades can be investigated by contacting the school. Teachers may know before parents, that the teen has lost interest in school. Teachers may also have information like the “teen is sleeping during class”. If the teen has started to experiment with drugs parent may request a surprise drug test. It is important the test be a surprise as there are many ways to alter a drug test.

Communicate With Your Teen

It is easier to re-establish communications with a teen than it is to open them. Parents that have had a fairly good relationship with their teen may find it a little easier to communicate than parents that have never done so previously. One thing certain is parents that are unable to communicate with their teen will have a lot of work to do. Once a teen heads down a negative road, they usually shut down any activities with their parents and other family members. Even teens without negative behaviors can reduce or discontinue communications with their parents. It just is not “cool” for a teen to talk to their parents. One of the best ways to break through the communication barrier is to find common ground with the teen. Parents may need to learn to do something the teen finds interesting, but they are not really interested in to gain the trust of their teen, and to establish some common ground. Another great way to gain favor in the eyes of their teen is to completely support and attend any positive activities they are engaged in.