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At Risk Youth Warning signs

Parents struggling with an at risk youth are usually not concerned about the warning signs preceding this type of youth behavior. We will try to point out behaviors that usually accompany the beginning of a child heading down a negative path. If a parent can detour negative behavior early enough, they may be able to save themselves and their child from the consequences of their poor choices. We will list some key indicators that usually accompany a youth moving in the wrong direction.

Is your youth huffing?

Has your youth ever run away?

Does your youth disrespect those in positions of authority?

Has your child ever spoken about suicide?

Is your child sexually active?

Have you ever found drugs in your youth’s possession?

Has your youth ever come home intoxicated or high?

Is your child refusing to talk to one or both parents?

Has your youth changed friends?

Has your child’s grades recently dropped?

Does your child seem depressed?

Does your child have a hopeless attitude? (what’s the use?)

Does your child sleep excessively?

This list is not conclusive, and if your youth is displaying behaviors associated with depression, it is highly recommended that he or she be seen by a professional.

At Risk Youth Depression

Depression if not treated can lead to self mutilation and even suicide. If you suspect your child is depressed, get them into either your family Dr. or a mental health professional. There are few things less tragic than teen suicide. We are not qualified to give advice on this dangerous topic. The best course to take is to seek help immediately. It is always better to seek help early in cases of teen depression that could possible lead to suicide. Interwoven through our site is the importance of parental involvement.

When a parent is involved and has a good relationship with their youth, they will notice even gradual changes in attitudes and behaviors. When a teen begins flirting with negative behavior it is always better to get involved as soon as possible. It is sad when parents do not pay close enough attention and do not notice the gradual decent that leads to negative behavior.