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You’re In The Army Now

Military Career

The military has been a great education vehicle for many successful people in the world today. Some Doctors, Dentist, and other professionals received their education either in the military or funded by the military. This opens the door for many ambitious young people that want more out of life than a minimum pay job and mortgage. The incentives to join the military change from year to year, and benefits the military offers also change. If a young person would like an education and is willing to enlist, they should contact their local recruiter for more information. This website explains the various options available from each of the various arms of the military. Potential military people can chat with others that are enlisting, or contemplating enlisting. They can also research the requirements necessary to enlist, basically everything a potential military person would like to know.


This is the acronym for the military’s aptitude test the long version is Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery . Anyone interested in a career or even a stint in the military will need to take this test. The more sought after positions will require a higher test score than the less desirable opportunities. The advantage to visiting the military link above is the availability of an ASVAB practice test. Those interested in the military may want to study and do well on this test, as it can make a difference in the options they have.  They also have study manuals for those wanting to improve their scores on this very important assessment. A person can also visit the various divisions of the military on this site. They can also find information about recruiting office close to where they live.

The Guard or Reserve

Another path of entry to the military and military benefits is through the National Guard or Army Reserve. This division is trained to be in the military, and may not every see active duty. Recently it would seem that most reserve units have seen active duty due to the number of conflicts the United States is currently engaged in. Specific information about these options would be better discussed with the people who really know, the actual recruiters. These avenues also have benefits for those that enroll, to find out more contact your local recruiter’s office. In the past most reserve units were inactive and attended their camps several weekends a month with a two week training course somewhere away from home every year. Given the current status of our military, it is best to speak with those who provide this service. A career in the military is an honorable way to serve our country, and at the same time receive help getting a start in life. There is nothing wrong with obtaining an education as a benefit of serving our country. Our hearts go out to those who serve and put their lives on the line everyday so we can enjoy the freedoms we have. A military person is admired in our society today, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for doing what they do and have done for us.

Military Schools

Military Schools

Military schools offer a military style education for students that would like a career in the military.They can also be a good fit for a student that likes a lot of structure. Military Schools typically have an enrollment process, and some are for a school year with summers off. Most Military Schools are boarding schools where the students live on campus. Most military schools require students to wear uniforms. Cadets will be required to wear uniforms at specific times during the day. There are several types of uniforms including dress uniforms, casual uniforms, and attire that is worn for PT or physical training. The hierarchy in a military school follows that of the United States military, with rank advancements being given to those that excel. Most of the military boarding school administration have rank assignments also. Some personnel have former military experience helping them help the youth they work with. Consequences for poor behavior will result in extra calisthenics and chores. Just like the United States military cadets who make poor choices will be confronted maybe even scolded for what they have done. In some military schools there are students that are responsible for other students. For example a student that has been in the school for an extended period of time may be responsible for the students in an entire barracks of a sleeping area. A student may be under him that is responsible for all of the students on a specific floor in the sleeping area. This chain of command is mirrored from the United States military.

United States Military

The united states military recognizes some military school achievements by giving preferential treatment to graduates of some military schools. This can also apply to Jr. ROTC which is available in some public schools. The reason the US military is willing to recognize this type of training is because the cadets have already learned the basic nuts and bolts of how the military should operate. They can even learn the importance of following directions. Learning to follow instructions can be the difference between life and death in a combat setting. This is the reason that the military spends a great deal of time focusing on this basic principle. The United States Military has developed into a fantastic opportunity for young men and women to obtain an education. Recruiting offices can assist a student that is interested in joining the military. It may even be a good idea to visit a recruiter prior to enrolling in a specific military school. They may have recommendations as to which military schools work the best with the various arms of the military. They will also be able to instruct potential cadets on the advantages of going to high school in a military style school. The recruiter is a valuable instrument available to anyone considering a military career. They may even be able to assist in course selection in the military school that would correspond with their desired career in the military. A simple call to a local recruiting office may time well spent when considering a military life style.