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Christian Boarding Schools as an option for your teenager

Boarding School’s ethos

When considering a boarding school for your son or daughter it is important to understand the ethos of the schools on offer. Like people, boarding schools vary in character and you are looking for a fit between your child and the school. Christian boarding schools are an obvious category, but even within this classification there are differences.

Christian boarding school ideals

There are different approaches to Christian teaching. Some boarding schools will base most of their curriculum on the Bible and their aim will be to raise children based upon teaching Christian principles. There will be a religious act of worship each day and a chapel or church on site. There may be admission restrictions which are based on faith and you would be well advised to get a reference from your own pastor or minister to include in your application. Some Christian boarding schools may have quite a narrow view of faith which might be at odds with your own, so it is important to check this thoroughly.

Multi-denominational boarding schools

Other boarding schools may have a more general definition of Christian and accept students of many faiths but will base their pastoral approach on Christian ideals. Here you may feel that your son or daughter will benefit from schooling with teenagers from a variety of faiths and backgrounds. Daily acts of worship may be encouraged but not compulsory but biblical teaching will form part of the curriculum.

Moral principles and values

The ethos of a school is more than its faith. A good boarding school will have a very clear mission statement and a declared set of values. It is important that you feel comfortable with the aim of the boarding school for your teenager as it will form a significant part of their life. Do not be afraid to challenge a school’s stated aims, and ask them to explain their moral stance towards teenagers who may misbehave. You need to agree with their discipline structure and sanctions as they are responsible for your teenagers’ wellbeing in your absence.

Visit and take part

If you select a Christian boarding school, then when you visit, ask to take part in their scheduled acts of worship. You can tell a lot about a boarding school by participating in some of its regular daily activities. Ultimately you should visit a school you are considering for your teenager as you will get a proper feel for the ethos by being there! By looking at the students behavior around the teachers, and in their daily routines you will get a sense of the atmosphere which is worth more than a dozen brochures extolling the school’ virtues! The ethos of a school may be hard to understand at first, but it is important that your teenager is raised in the way you would want to raise them at home. Christian boarding schools vary enormously so ask many questions and visit before making your decision.

Tips on Choosing the Best Boarding School for Your Teen

Choosing the best boarding school

It may seem bewildering at first when you start looking for a boarding school for your teenager. You may want to employ a consultant to find the best boarding school but you should do some preparatory work yourself first. There are some basic questions you should ask yourself before deciding on the best boarding school for your child.

Before choosing a boarding school, you should decide on the following and then you can start to narrow down your choices.

  1. Single sex or co-ed school?

Will your teenager be distracted by the opposite sex or gain from working with them?

  1. Academic, sporting or performing arts?

Is your teenager less academic but motivated by team sports or music, drama, the arts?

  1. Single faith, multi faith, no faith?

As a family, do you have a strong faith and is this important to you?

  1. Pastoral care available

The school acts as a parent to your child, in your absence; the term for this is “in loco parentis” in place of the parent. Do they therefore have the right facilities to act not just as educators but as caring parents? Medical, emotional and social support facilities are important.

  1. Extra-curricular activities

Does the school provide a range of sporting, social, educational activities outside of the classroom or are they so focused on the academic that your child will not develop as a whole person?

  1. Tuition and accommodation fees

It is unrealistic not to consider cost, but this should not be the only deciding factor. However, it is important to know what is included and what is extra. You may find you can afford the basic fees but not all the add-ons and your child may be disadvantaged as a result.

  1. Location

While you are sending your teenager away from home, it should not be so far away that you cannot reach them in case of emergency, or simply to visit. Consider the additional travel costs of your teenager coming home for vacations.

  1. Class sizes

The smaller the class size, the more attention the child receives from the teacher, but generally this will mean that the fees will be higher too.

  1. Reputation

This can be difficult to find out, but it will help if you can read testimonials from other parents. A good boarding school will allow you to talk to other parents and students to find out how good they are!

  1. Personal style

Your teenager is an individual and you want the best boarding school for them. This is harder to define, but essentially you want a school that allows your child to grow up as an independent thinker and not a clone of every other child! You will get a feel for the style of the boarding school through reading their literature and this is where you need to trust your instincts; if something does not sound right to you, then do not choose that school.

Preparation beforehand will save you many a wasted trip to a school that does not suit your teenager. Think through what you want from the school; talk it over with your teenager, they may have different views. When you agree a compromise between what they want and what you feel is best, then you are ready to choose the best boarding school for your teenager.

Using an Educational Consultant – Boarding School Advice

Using an Educational Consultant

Some parents find the whole process of applying for a boarding school place for their child very daunting. It can seem like an awful lot of hard work and time and they may not have the resources to do this properly. An alternative approach is to use an educational consultant to find the best boarding school for your teenager.

Benefits of using an educational consultant

The main benefit of using an educational consultant is time; the time you save looking for the best boarding school for your teenager. Another benefit is the expertise of the consultant. If you have never done this before it makes sense to employ someone who does this for a living; they are more likely to know the procedure better than you do and know where to look to find a school that suits your teenager.

Drawbacks to using an educational consultant

There is obviously a cost associated to employing a professional consultant and this cost varies widely; some are more expensive than others. However, just because a consultant is charging a very high fee does not mean they are the best! The major drawback to using a consultant is that they do not know your teenager the way that you do. Unfortunately there are also charlatans in the educational consultancy field so it is important to check them out thoroughly, which takes time.

Choosing an educational consultant

The absolutely ideal way is to find a consultant recommended by somebody that you trust. Ask friends and family who have teenagers at boarding school which consultant they used. Be aware that although friends may recommend a school it may not suit your teenager. It is better to use a recommended consultant who has spent quality time with the youngster and their parents and then found a good school that suits them.

Interview the consultant before parting with a dime of your money! Do not accept a consultant who wants money upfront before doing any work as their motivation should be providing you with a good service, not simply taking a fee. Ask them how many different boarding schools they work with as some consultants work on a retainer basis for certain schools and effectively act as headhunters for the right students. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it just might mean that the range of school they recommend is too narrow for your teenager’s needs.

Understand your requirements

This may seem obvious, but you must be clear about the type of boarding school you want for your youngster before employing an educational consultant. Here it pays to do some research of your own; using the internet to find out the different types of boarding school available. So, read articles about boarding schools so that you have an idea of the style of boarding school that would be best for your teenager.

GPA And Other Qualities

Get Good Grades

How many times have you encouraged your son or daughter to get good grades so they will be able to get into a good college? This principle also applies to gaining admission into a more prestigious boarding school. If a student develops good study habits in middle school and keeps their GPA up, they will have a better chance of gaining admission into a better boarding school. One of the advantages of being admitted to a better boarding school is the fact that many colleges and universities will take into consideration a potential students high school experience and success. If the education is from a better high school or boarding school it could make the difference in being accepted or not. With the competition at better universities getting tougher and tougher each year a student that has a desire to excel academically should begin concentrating on their collegiate goals in middle school. It may sound a little extreme, but let’s face it, without a college degree it is very difficult to succeed today. Students that learn to apply themselves early in life will more than likely continue the same course as they grow older. Usually a student that develops good study habits early in life will be a conscientious, sought after employee.


Develop A Positive Attitude

One attribute of many successful people is the ability to stay positive even in times of difficulty and stress. No one likes to be around a pessimist, a negative person can drag everyone around them down. A positive person, conversely, can lift others around them. This attribute may also play a part in the success of a student. In order to gain admission into a prestigious boarding school and eventually a quality institute of higher education, letters of recommendation will have to accompany the students application. A positive attitude is a great quality to go along with the ability to study and do well academically. A positive attitude will eventually accompany the student into the career of their choice. An employer would much rather have a positive person on board than a naysayer, negative wet blanket employee. Some employers will consider a persons attitude equal with their educational background. All of the knowledge in the world won’t make up for someone who is hard to work with.


It may seem odd to include honesty in traits necessary to get into a good boarding school, but it can play am important part in the life of a young person. Consider again the letter of recommendation that needs to accompany a student to a boarding school and eventually a university. It is another positive attribute that may effect the decision of those considering a student’s background. If two students have the same GPA and one has letter’s of recommendation describing them as honest and positive, the board may lean toward the character traits as the deciding factor, or tie breaker. Some graduate schools put a great deal of weight and consideration into the interview portion of the entrance criteria. The student may have good grades but if they do not possess other qualities they may not be accepted.

Teen Anxiety

Teen Anxiety

There are many teens today suffering from anxiety. It may be hard to believe that the youth of today can become so obsessed with the issues of life that they may even need to be medicated. In reality there are teens on medication today to assist them with the anxiety they are suffering from. Times are different than when the parents of teens were growing up. There are more things for a teen to worry and concern themselves about. This increase in worry and fear can actually lead to the teen becoming anxious to the point of become physically ill. To an adult the worries and concerns of their child can seem trivial and unimportant, but to the youth they are very real. It is important for a parent to take an interest in the worries of their child. It may be possible to help the teen learn to relax and deal with the problem without medication. Parents should be cautious however that a teen doesn’t begin to self medicate to cope with their anxiety.

Teen Self Medication

If a teen begins to panic when confronted with the stresses of daily life they are going to want to find relief from this very real experience. If the teen is associating with the wrong type of friends they may introduce the anxious teen to some form of medication. Some teens begin using Marijuana as a form of stress relief. If the teen is high strung and is dealing with a serious case of anxiety disorder they may begin using the Marijuana more and more often to escape their stress. Marijuana is not the only way a teen may find relief. Some teens will begin looking around the house for ways to relieve their stress. If either of the parents have any anxiety medication around, the teen may begin using theirs without permission. This can obviously be a dangerous situation because most teens will not consider any other medications they may be taking that could interact with their parents medications. The teen may take more than the appropriate dose, and more frequently than the prescribed amount. Another danger is that the teen may think they are taking something for anxiety when in reality they are not. One of the major anti anxiety medications is Xanax. It can be purchased on the street, Xanax or the generic form Alprazolam are effective at treating anxiety, but they are very addictive, and should only be used under the care of a physician.

Parent Teen Relationship 

The relationship the parent has with the teen will be extremely important if the teen does indeed have anxiety. If the youth is left to get advice from their friends things may get out of control rapidly. If a teen is used to communicating with their parent, they will more than likely go to them for advice. If parents dismiss the issue and just tell the child to “deal with it”, the results could be catastrophic, even deadly. An open line of communication between parents and teens can prevent many of the problems teens will encounter. This relationship is difficult and time consuming, but so worth the effort. If a parent will communicate with their child, and sincerely listen to what they are “trying” to say, many problems will be averted. If a teen struggles to talk to their parents they will have a difficult time trying to explain what they are experiencing. Parents may have to read between the lines and fill in the blanks in many cases. Parents and teens considering a boarding school will want to make sure the anxiety is dealt with prior to the teen leaving for school.


Is Boarding School Right For My Teen?

There are many factors to consider when you are faced with the decision to place your teen in a boarding school. Because there are over 300 private boarding schools in the U.S. alone, you have to do a lot of research to see what teen boarding school would be a right fit for your teen. One thing to consider is that most of the Teen boarding schools are involved in educating your teen. This helps when your teen is behind in school and needs more personnel, one on one help.

Most teen boarding schools give your teen the education credits needed to help them prepare for college. Some schools even can help your teen earn college credits while attending the boarding school. There is also financial aid available if you research and talk to the boarding school you are considering. Many teens have received financial aid to attend a boarding school. While there are some Christian boarding schools to consider, there are also non-Christian programs with good Christian people working there. Most all of the teen boarding schools are open to all faith’s and races and do not discriminate.

Traditional boarding school or Troubled Teen Boarding School?

Here are some things to consider as you decide what kind of boarding school would be best for your teen. At a traditional teen boarding school, the students are very highly motivated and have self discipline. This helps them to work hard on their education and therefore excel in all that they do. To attend a traditional boarding school your teen would want to go. Working together with your teen, you could research what would be the best option for him or her.

At a troubled teen boarding school, your teen would not want to go. They would feel that nothing is wrong in their life and why would you want to send them away to a boarding school. You would have to ask yourself, does my teen do what I ask? Is my teen doing well in school? Is my teen motivated in all facets of their life? Are they smoking pot, or involved with other drugs? Do they have special needs such as ADD, or depression?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, your teen needs help and a troubled teen boarding school would be the best option. The boarding school would provide your teen with the tools that he or she needs to be successful in life.

Boarding schools can help stressed teens

Stress is what a person feels when you have to handle more than you are used to. Your body will respond to stress as though you are in danger. The heart will speed up and make you breathe faster and give you a burst of energy. Some stress is good and can be useful, such as helping you win a race. If stress happens often and last too long, it can have bad effects. This can cause headaches, an upset stomach, back pain, or trouble sleeping. Stress can also affect the immune system and make it harder to fight off a disease. You can become moody, tense, or depressed. Stress can also make it so your relationships can suffer, and you may not do well at work or school.

There are ways that you can learn to manage your stress. First learn what is causing the stress in your life and look for ways to reduce the amount of stress. Stress may be a fact of life for most people. You may not be able to get rid of the stress, but look for ways to lower it. This could include learning to better manage your time. If you have a schedule, you may be able to get the most important thing done first. Also find better way to cope.

Take a good look at your self to see what has worked in the past and what you feel might work better. Also, take good care of yourself, get plenty of rest, eat well, don’t smoke, limit the amount of alcohol you drink. When you find yourself starting to worry about things try to stop your thoughts. Try to learn to say no and let go of thing you can not change. You can always talk to your family or friends and they can help you mange your stress better. When you talk about your needs and concerns it can help negative feelings go away. In some situations, the stress in your life can be too much and just talking to family or friends does not help. It may be best to talk to a counselor instead.

Things you can do to relieve stress and that work well for most people are: exercise, regular exercise is a great way to reduce stress, it can just be a simple short walk. Writing about the things that are bothering you may help you relieve some stress. Try talking, laughing, crying or expressing some anger with someone you trust. Do something you enjoy doing that you haven’t done for some time. Do something for some one else, this helps you to forget what is bothering you. Learn ways to relax your body, this could be to learn some breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, massage, aromatherapy, yoga. You can also learn some self-hypnosis techniques or meditation. Laugh and laugh again. You have heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine, well it is certainly true.

Many teenager’s have stress in their life. With peer pressure from class mates, to thinking they aren’t good looking or fat. Teen’s sometimes put too much pressure on them selves to fit in, get good grades, and they just feel they aren’t good enough. Such feelings can lead to behavior’s that aren’t typical for them. When a teen has let stress take over, they may thing that turning to drugs is the solution. Or they may turn to other destructive behaviors. Teen boarding schools can help a teen that have made some wrong choices. There are teen boarding schools that are available, it is nice to know that a parent can get the help their teen needs. The teen boarding schools provide a safe environment for a teen to learn to manage their stress and lead a productive life.

Boarding School Checklist – What Parents Should Know

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

People that have never had any problems with their teens may not even know there are boarding schools especially designed to deal with teens that out of control. If you are reading this you are probably not one of the lucky parents that had a well behaved child.

You are more than likely dealing with a child that doesn’t seem to resemble the child you gave birth to. He or she is probably dominating your every waking moment. You are probably receiving calls regarding your teen at work from the school or even worse the police department.

Teen Boarding School Help

It is good to know that there is help for parents dealing with a troubled teen. There are hundreds of boarding school options available to choose from. It is important for parents to carefully investigate thoroughly any potential placements options they are considering. We have included a checklist of items to look into prior to placing a child in any boarding option.

Teen Boarding School Checklist

  • It is important for a boarding school to be licensed with the state it is located in. Most states have entities that monitor child care. Contact the licensing division at the state level to see if the school is licensed.
  • Most states will also require the school to be inspected by the board of health in their state. Contact the state board of health to verify the schools standing with them.
  • Local police departments may also have information regarding a school in their area
  • Most importantly it is critical that parents actually take the time to visit any boarding school they are considering. A visit will be much better than anything else as parents will actually get to meet people that will be working with their child.

Helping Troubled Teens

The worst thing parents can do is hope that the problem goes away. In most cases things will get worse before they get better. A teen heading into a downward spiral may need to be saved from themselves. This may require some type of intervention. In some situations if parents start soon enough they may be able to correct a teen’s course before it becomes too large of a problem. The best case scenario is to spend time with them when they are pre-teen. If you are reading this it is probably too late to spend time with your teen, but there is hope and there is help, give us a call.

Boarding school for depressed teens

Boarding school for depressed teens

There is a variety of teen boarding schools that have students who are dealing with depression. There also is a variety of reasons that a parent would have to consider sending their child to a teen boarding school. Because there are so many teen boarding schools to choose from, a parent needs to do as much research as possible.

Depression is more than just feeling sad. Depression is a medical illness and not a sign that someone is weak. Sometime’s a parent may wonder if their teen is suffering from depression because they seem irritable or unhappy. When you add hormone havoc to the other changes in a teen’s life, it can make sense why the teen would have moods swings. Yet findings show that there are teen’s that experience depression and the problems associated with it. It is good to know that depression can be treated, and if your teen is unhappy for more than two weeks and he or she displays other symptoms of depression, such as they may have a noticeable change in their thinking and behavior. They may also have no motivation and could become withdrawn, closing their bedroom door after school and staying in their rooms for hours.

Signs of Depression

Some other signs and symptoms to look for in your teen would be as follows: they may exhibit criminal behavior such as DUI or shoplifting, apathy, complaining of pain in stomach or the lower back or fatigue, they can not concentrate, difficulty making decisions, they feel guilty over everything, irresponsible behavior such as skipping school or being late for classes, they will have sudden drops in their grades or forgetting they had an obligation, they either loose interest in food or they may become a compulsive overeater resulting in rapid weight loss or gain, they may have memory loss, preoccupation with death and dying, rebellious behavior, they have anxiety, or they feel sad and have feeling of hopelessness. A depressed teen will stay awake at night and sleep during the day. They could withdraw from their friends and use alcohol or drugs and have promiscuous sex.

The teenage years are a difficult time and if a teen is depressed they can develop feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy over their grades. A teen’s family life or school performance, their social status with their peers, and sexual orientation can each have a major effect on how a teen feels. When the family or friends and the things that the teen usually enjoys can’t help them to feel better and they are sad and feel isolated, there is a good chance that he or she has teen depression.