Teen Boot Camps – Teen Military Schools

TV Boot Camps

Several years ago there were multiple television shows portraying a situation where a spoiled brat would be confronted by a drill sergeant. The child would then be escorted to a boot camp, sometimes for a week and sometimes for a weekend. They camera crew would follow the child through the process watching the drill sergeant screaming in the youths face. It was very sensational, and entertaining to watch. The audience would view first hand the spoiled child screaming and even cursing at their parents. The parents were in total disarray not knowing how to deal with this type of problem. Out of frustration they would contact the television network to see if they would take their child to the boot camp.

Free Boot Camps

This may be where parents first heard about the possibility of a free boot camp for troubled youth. The television show was being paid by their sponsors which allowed them to perform the boot camp service for the at risk youth for no charge. The problem is that many parents are still searching for the every illusive free boot camp. To our knowledge there are not free boot camps. There has also been a drastic reduction in the number of boot camps across the country. This may be due in part to the abuse that has taken place at these types of boot camps. The old saying, “there is no such thing as a free lunch” seems to apply to there is no such thing as a free boot camp. Some states established boot camps to try to help at risk youth, but most have discontinued these programs to our knowledge.

Boot Camps for At Risk Youth

When parents are looking for help for an at risk youth, one thought that often comes to mind is that of a boot camp. Many parents that served in the military appreciate the difficult time they had in a military boot camp. They can visualize their child going through the same type of structure and discipline that they went through. The thought is good, but the difference is that their child is openly defiant to any type of authority. This defiance doesn’t bode well for life in a military setting. It can create a dangerous situation for the teen that attempts to refuse to follow orders. If the teen were willing to following the program the structure would be advantageous, but this is rarely the case. The teen that defies authority, will do better in a program that requires them to make choices.