Using an Educational Consultant – Boarding School Advice

Using an Educational Consultant

Some parents find the whole process of applying for a boarding school place for their child very daunting. It can seem like an awful lot of hard work and time and they may not have the resources to do this properly. An alternative approach is to use an educational consultant to find the best boarding school for your teenager.

Benefits of using an educational consultant

The main benefit of using an educational consultant is time; the time you save looking for the best boarding school for your teenager. Another benefit is the expertise of the consultant. If you have never done this before it makes sense to employ someone who does this for a living; they are more likely to know the procedure better than you do and know where to look to find a school that suits your teenager.

Drawbacks to using an educational consultant

There is obviously a cost associated to employing a professional consultant and this cost varies widely; some are more expensive than others. However, just because a consultant is charging a very high fee does not mean they are the best! The major drawback to using a consultant is that they do not know your teenager the way that you do. Unfortunately there are also charlatans in the educational consultancy field so it is important to check them out thoroughly, which takes time.

Choosing an educational consultant

The absolutely ideal way is to find a consultant recommended by somebody that you trust. Ask friends and family who have teenagers at boarding school which consultant they used. Be aware that although friends may recommend a school it may not suit your teenager. It is better to use a recommended consultant who has spent quality time with the youngster and their parents and then found a good school that suits them.

Interview the consultant before parting with a dime of your money! Do not accept a consultant who wants money upfront before doing any work as their motivation should be providing you with a good service, not simply taking a fee. Ask them how many different boarding schools they work with as some consultants work on a retainer basis for certain schools and effectively act as headhunters for the right students. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it just might mean that the range of school they recommend is too narrow for your teenager’s needs.

Understand your requirements

This may seem obvious, but you must be clear about the type of boarding school you want for your youngster before employing an educational consultant. Here it pays to do some research of your own; using the internet to find out the different types of boarding school available. So, read articles about boarding schools so that you have an idea of the style of boarding school that would be best for your teenager.