Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teens

There are basically two types of boarding schools for troubled teens. Teen boarding schools that include therapy and those that do not. Schools that have therapy included in their structure are usually classified as a Residential Treatment Centers. This means that they have several professional staff members including Doctors, Nurses, and a Psychiatric component they are offering. This type of program is usually more expensive given the amount of professional staff employed. Insurance companies used to include some type of psychiatric benefit that would assist in a placement of this type. In recent years those types of benefits have virtually disappeared. This can make a Teen Residential Treatment Center financially out of reach for many families.

Non Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Teen Boarding Schools that do not have therapy may be classified and residential centers, or just boarding schools. They are not required to employ medical or psychiatric staff. The premise behind this type of school is centered on behavior modification, and some type of positive peer pressure component. Parents may be attracted to this style of program especially if they have had a negative experience with counseling and or therapy. Many of these types of programs may offer therapy for an additional charge for parents that would like to include it. The non therapeutic boarding schools have increased in popularity because of the lower price making it possible for more families to utilize this service. There are pro and con’s to everything especially this type of boarding option. Professionals say that it could not be beneficial without medical and psychiatric professional involvement. Troubled Teen Boarding Schools do offer some pretty impressive results.

Therapy for Troubled Teens

Teen therapy can be a controversial topic for some families. Many parents will try using therapy for their troubled teen when they begin acting out. This may be very helpful for some families. Other families may find it a terrible waste of time, money, and in some cases legal problems. If a therapist is not experienced working with a manipulative teen they may fall prey to the teen using them against their parents. There have been cases where a teen has convinced their therapist that they are being abused. This may not even be remotely true. The professional by law needs to notify the authorities that the child is accusing his or her parents of abuse. While it s never appropriate for a parents to abuse a child, it is unfortunate that the tables have turned to where the child soon begins to control things at home. What an unfortunate situation when the child can simply threaten their parents with a call to CPS or SRS and the parent is immediately forced to comply with the defiant child.