Teen Evaluation For Boarding School

Evaluate My Teen

If you answer yes to more than 3 of these questions give us a call.

Phone: 1-800-507-5535

1. Does your teen defy basic family rules?

2. Does your teen struggle in school not only academically but behaviorally?

3. Is your teen verbally abusive?

4. Is your teen hanging with friends you don’t approve of?

5. Has your teen lost interest in former previous areas of interest sports, hobbies etc.?

6. Does your teen refuse to do homework and chores?

7. Has your teen ever had any legal problems?

8. Do you feel that you need to walk on eggshells around your teen?

9. Is your teen on schedule to finish high school, or Jr. high school?

10. Has your teen ever gotten aggressive with you or any other adult?

11. Does your teen lack self esteem, seem depressed or act like they have given up?

12. Is your teen manipulative or dishonest with you?

13. Do you suspect that your teen may be sexually promiscuous?

14. Has your teen ever talked about suicide, or developed a suicide plan?

15. Do you suspect that your teen may be stealing from you?

16. Does your teen seem angry or display temper outbursts?

17. Do you feel you can trust your teen?

18. Does your teen struggle with authority?

19. Do you suspect your teen is using or experimenting with drugs/alcohol?

20. Are you worried about your child’s safety and their future?

Please note: This is just an indicator of teen behaviors that usually precede their being placed in some kind of program. It is not and should not replace a professional opinion. Issues a child has with suicide are complex and should be handled extremely carefully, and only with a trained medical care giver. There may be cases where a teen with only 1 yes answer needs help immediately.