Teen Anxiety

Teen Anxiety

There are many teens today suffering from anxiety. It may be hard to believe that the youth of today can become so obsessed with the issues of life that they may even need to be medicated. In reality there are teens on medication today to assist them with the anxiety they are suffering from. Times are different than when the parents of teens were growing up. There are more things for a teen to worry and concern themselves about. This increase in worry and fear can actually lead to the teen becoming anxious to the point of become physically ill. To an adult the worries and concerns of their child can seem trivial and unimportant, but to the youth they are very real. It is important for a parent to take an interest in the worries of their child. It may be possible to help the teen learn to relax and deal with the problem without medication. Parents should be cautious however that a teen doesn’t begin to self medicate to cope with their anxiety.

Teen Self Medication

If a teen begins to panic when confronted with the stresses of daily life they are going to want to find relief from this very real experience. If the teen is associating with the wrong type of friends they may introduce the anxious teen to some form of medication. Some teens begin using Marijuana as a form of stress relief. If the teen is high strung and is dealing with a serious case of anxiety disorder they may begin using the Marijuana more and more often to escape their stress. Marijuana is not the only way a teen may find relief. Some teens will begin looking around the house for ways to relieve their stress. If either of the parents have any anxiety medication around, the teen may begin using theirs without permission. This can obviously be a dangerous situation because most teens will not consider any other medications they may be taking that could interact with their parents medications. The teen may take more than the appropriate dose, and more frequently than the prescribed amount. Another danger is that the teen may think they are taking something for anxiety when in reality they are not. One of the major anti anxiety medications is Xanax. It can be purchased on the street, Xanax or the generic form Alprazolam are effective at treating anxiety, but they are very addictive, and should only be used under the care of a physician.

Parent Teen Relationship 

The relationship the parent has with the teen will be extremely important if the teen does indeed have anxiety. If the youth is left to get advice from their friends things may get out of control rapidly. If a teen is used to communicating with their parent, they will more than likely go to them for advice. If parents dismiss the issue and just tell the child to “deal with it”, the results could be catastrophic, even deadly. An open line of communication between parents and teens can prevent many of the problems teens will encounter. This relationship is difficult and time consuming, but so worth the effort. If a parent will communicate with their child, and sincerely listen to what they are “trying” to say, many problems will be averted. If a teen struggles to talk to their parents they will have a difficult time trying to explain what they are experiencing. Parents may have to read between the lines and fill in the blanks in many cases. Parents and teens considering a boarding school will want to make sure the anxiety is dealt with prior to the teen leaving for school.