Private Vs Public Schools

Advantages of Private Boarding Schools

Those involved in Private Boarding schools are convinced that the education offered is much better than that in a Public School. This may be due to the fact that the public schools are required to deal with everyone. The private schools are able to hand pick their students, refusing students that are borderline, or that do not really want to learn. The application process for the private school is very extensive and completion does not guarantee admission. Imagine the difference in a typical public classroom where a student is only there because he or she has to be there. The opposite side of the coin is the private school where all of the students are happy to be there and eager to learn. The private school can also hand pick the teachers and administrative staff. If a teacher does not perform well they will be asked to leave. If a school is not running well an administrator will be fired. In the public school system teachers that are vested obtain a sort of untouchable status. In some places they will really have to do something bad to be fired. Once vested some teachers relax and do a mediocre job until retirement. There are those teachers that take pride in their work and will always do a good job in a private or public setting. Teachers in a private school may not have the comfort of being vested.

Ideal Students

As mentioned previously students in a private school are there because they really want to learn. Teachers are there because they really want to teach. This creates a very positive learning environment. The success of the school is based on the success of the students. This gives everyone the desire to make things work. Since the private school has hand selected the students enrolled the success of the school depends in part to the students selected. This may seem unfair to those working in the public sector. In one sense it does have a tendency to tilt the scales in favor of the private school. How can they fail with hand picked students, teachers, and administrators. This allows the private school to charge more because of their success. An ideal situation would be created if the private sector could replicate what happens in the private school. The truth is not every young person wants to go to school. Not every teacher wants to go to work, and not every administrator is excited to make a success of the public school they work in. As in everything the opposite is also true.  There are talented teachers and administrators in every school just like there are gifted students in public schools. The biggest difference is the number and ratio of talented people and students involved in a private setting compared to that of a public setting. The challenge for the public schools is to capitalize on the gifted students that are unable to attend a private school. The public school can also be careful to hire teachers and administrators that are excited and capable of doing the jobs their are hired for. It would also be a good idea to do review the policies that protect teachers and administrators that are not performing well from being fired.