I Want It NOW

Demanding Teens and Children

It seems like children and especially teens have become very entitled these days. They seem to want everything and they want it immediately. In the world today it seems like everything happens in real time, this may be contributing to the “I want it now” syndrome. Another factor may be parents in an effort to accomplish everything they need to, are giving their kids too much. Parents that work are trying to do what it takes to keep their employment and pay for the families needs. Sometimes they just don’t have time to spend with their children or teen. The guilt associated with this lack of bonding time leads them to want to give the child something else. The little one raised with receiving a new toy every time the parents goes to the store will soon think that every trip to the store means he or she will get something new. Parents are not trying to spoil their children, they are just trying to make them happy. The problem is that giving them something every time they go to the store will not end well. As the children grow into teens the things (toys) they want begin to cost a lot more. Soon, instead of being able to buy the child off with $5-$10 the parent is looking at a major investment.

No Substitute for Your Time

Parents that learn that there is really no substitute for their time, never try to buy the child something to replace their time. It is difficult, but it is imperative that parents spend as much time as possible with their children. When parents are working 10-12 hours a day this may seem impossible. Spending time with children when both parents and children are busy requires a lot of coordination and creativity. The alternative is the potential of the children and teen getting into trouble and eventually needing placement out side of the home. There are plenty of boarding schools for troubled teens, boot camps for teens, and other types of placement for teens that get into trouble. This doesn’t mean that just because teens and children are left a lone that they end up in trouble. It would be safe to say that teens that are supervised may have a reduced chance of ending up in trouble.

Make it Work

The reality is that many families are working long hours and making time to spend with their children and teens. As mentioned before this can only happen with creativity and some careful planning. Parents will definitely need to be organized to make this happen. Time with children will need to be scheduled like an event at work would be. Some parents make time to see their children during lunch. When time after work is at a premium, lunch may be the only time a busy parent can break way. It is also very important and should be a priority for every parent to schedule their time to allow them to watch their children perform. The performance may be a play at school, or participation in a sports league of some type. This gives the parents something to support their child in as well as something to praise them for. Parents should always be on the lookout for positive things their children do to praise them for.