GPA And Other Qualities

Get Good Grades

How many times have you encouraged your son or daughter to get good grades so they will be able to get into a good college? This principle also applies to gaining admission into a more prestigious boarding school. If a student develops good study habits in middle school and keeps their GPA up, they will have a better chance of gaining admission into a better boarding school. One of the advantages of being admitted to a better boarding school is the fact that many colleges and universities will take into consideration a potential students high school experience and success. If the education is from a better high school or boarding school it could make the difference in being accepted or not. With the competition at better universities getting tougher and tougher each year a student that has a desire to excel academically should begin concentrating on their collegiate goals in middle school. It may sound a little extreme, but let’s face it, without a college degree it is very difficult to succeed today. Students that learn to apply themselves early in life will more than likely continue the same course as they grow older. Usually a student that develops good study habits early in life will be a conscientious, sought after employee.


Develop A Positive Attitude

One attribute of many successful people is the ability to stay positive even in times of difficulty and stress. No one likes to be around a pessimist, a negative person can drag everyone around them down. A positive person, conversely, can lift others around them. This attribute may also play a part in the success of a student. In order to gain admission into a prestigious boarding school and eventually a quality institute of higher education, letters of recommendation will have to accompany the students application. A positive attitude is a great quality to go along with the ability to study and do well academically. A positive attitude will eventually accompany the student into the career of their choice. An employer would much rather have a positive person on board than a naysayer, negative wet blanket employee. Some employers will consider a persons attitude equal with their educational background. All of the knowledge in the world won’t make up for someone who is hard to work with.


It may seem odd to include honesty in traits necessary to get into a good boarding school, but it can play am important part in the life of a young person. Consider again the letter of recommendation that needs to accompany a student to a boarding school and eventually a university. It is another positive attribute that may effect the decision of those considering a student’s background. If two students have the same GPA and one has letter’s of recommendation describing them as honest and positive, the board may lean toward the character traits as the deciding factor, or tie breaker. Some graduate schools put a great deal of weight and consideration into the interview portion of the entrance criteria. The student may have good grades but if they do not possess other qualities they may not be accepted.