College Prep Schools

College Prep Schools

Another name for College prep schools is just prep school. Many of the prep schools are private, and independent of the national education association. There are typically fees and tuition associated with these types of schools. They can be a little pricey and some of these institutions also receive donations from outside sources that allow them to offer a very quality education for their students. Some college prep schools are single sex meaning that they only accept boys or girls. Some people believe that students do better academically if they are not distracted by the opposite sex. The other side of the argument leans more toward the thought that students will not learn proper social skills if they are not exposed to the opposite sex. Parents and students should decide which option will best meet their needs. There are prep schools that are only for students to attend during the day known as day schools, and some that offer living arrangements known as boarding schools

Select Carefully

Some prep schools are very competitive and difficult to gain admission into. This makes preparation for these types of school an important factor. Students should work to get the best GPA possible so they will not be denied admittance because of low grades. If the selection process comes down to two students with everything else being equal, the student with the highest GPA may win the spot. Entrance into a higher level or more prestigious prep school may also assist the teen when seeking admittance into the University of their choice. It is important to note that the more prestigious universities will usually have a more prestigious or (expensive) tuition rate. There may some limited scholarship funds available. It is important that a teen not be put into an institution of higher learning they are not qualified to enter. This situation will only create feelings of inadequacy and an overwhelmed unhappy student. If the student gets poor grades in the university they are not prepared to attend, it may create more problems than benefits for them in their academic future.

Benefits of a Prep School

One large benefit of the prep school may be the low student to teacher ratio. This may be due to the ability of the children to grasp things academically. It is also helpful if a teen has a question and needs some additional help. Many prep schools offer an more extensive list of AP or advanced placement courses. A lot of the top prep schools have strong athletic programs also. In addition they typically offer courses in the arts in the way of musicals and plays. It is not unusual for the prep schools to offer other social opportunities with clubs and other social organizations. These will assist the student as they prepare to transition into their college or university life. With the prep school being privately funded they have the ability to hire the brightest and best teachers. This benefit alone could make enrollment in a prep school a great value. When coupled with all of the other benefits we have discussed a prep school is definitely the way to go for someone interested in a top quality education.