Christian Boarding Schools

Christians May Need A Christian School

Many parents today are unhappy with the lack of religious principles being taught is schools today. This has lead many parents across the country to enroll their children and teens into religious schools most of which are based on Christianity. In the world today many Christians are persecuted for their belief in God. Teen’s that have the courage that stand up for what they believe in are many times ridiculed in a school setting. Most schools are not even allowed to talk about the Creation of the world, let alone teach students about it. This may be in part to NEA’s National Education Association’s affiliation with a Humanistic view of religion. The views are somewhat camouflaged  under the phrase “separation of Church and State”. But Christians that have been persecuted as long as they have been in existence know the origin of the Atheistic undertones of the message. There are many today that have drawn a parallel line from the time that prayer was taken out of the classroom and the time when the country began a steady decline.

Benefits Of A Christian School

A Christian school can be a breathe of fresh air for people interested in their children being taught the truth about God and religion. Most Christian schools are founded on the Bible and it’s virtues. Many parents today are upset that more ethical values are not taught in in the education system today. In a Christian School or a Christian Boarding School, students will be taught the importance of honesty, integrity among other basic moral principles. This is not to say that there are not teachers and school administrators that are good religious people. Neither is it meant to say that all public schools are bad. Basically this article it to help parents understand that there are alternatives for them that are founded on Christian values. Parents should investigate any boarding school or private school to assure the beliefs are congruent with their own family values. Just because a school says it is Christian does not mean everything they do will or say will be in line with the core beliefs of the family. Nor does it mean that everything that is done there will be positive. It is pretty safe to say that a Christian School will be more in line with family values that a traditional public school.


In conclusion parents should understand that not all public schools are evil and not all Christian Schools are perfect. Parents should always investigate any placement option for their teen prior to sending them there. The obvious advantage of the Christian school is the implementation of the tradition Christian value system that has long been gone from the public school system. It is difficult enough for a teen to make good decisions in the world today. It is even more difficult without the influence of religion in their lives. If the family supports a religious life style and desires their child to be in an environment where the same values are adhered to, a Christian School will probably be the best option. The best example of this are the Ten Commandments. Imagine the benefits of a school where the principles and values of the Ten Commandments are taught.

  1. The reason why atheists are so much more outspoken these days is because you Christians are no longer allowed to kill us.