Boot Camp Accreditation

What is Boot Camp Accreditation?

Some people wonder if there are any boot camps that are accredited? In order to answer the question, it is important to define what accreditation really means. What people may really be asking is how they can verify the validity and safety of a boot camp. The term accreditation is typically associated with the academic credentials of the boot camp or program. If a parent were to call a program and ask if they were accredited, they could say yes, if they had accredited school work. A better line of questioning could be associated with any legal problems the boot camp may have had.

Allegations of Boot Camp Abuse

To fully understand the problems some boot camps and boarding schools have, it is important to understand some basic terminology. If a boot camp or boarding school has had “allegations” of abuse, that may or may not be a serious problem. The reason for this is, any student can make allegations against any program or staff member. The allegations may or may not be true. The difficulty lies in the credibility of the accuser. Many teens in boot camps and boarding schools have made false allegations against their parents prior to being placed in a program. Some students are actually placed in a boot camp because of the false allegations they have made against their parents. In summary, just because a boot camp may have had allegations against it, does not necessarily mean it is bad. The best way to determine if a program is good or not, is to visit the program. Parents can also speak with local law enforcement officials to see if the program has actually been convicted of anything illegal.

What is Your Motivation?

Another important factor to take into consideration is the motivation behind the person being questioned. Some programs and boot camps are targeted by the state they are in, because they create extra work for the state employees that oversee them. A government employee makes the same amount of money if they oversee 20 programs as they do if they oversee 18 programs. They really have no incentive to assist a program or boot camp, in fact, the opposite may be true. The same principle applies to police and other law enforcement agencies. If they are asked to help look for a run away teen from a program or investigate a fight at a program, they can soon develop a negative opinion for the program or boot camp. Their motivation may be similar to other government employees, if the boot camp creates more work for them they may say that it is not a good program.


In summary it is unfair to say that all government employees are self serving and lazy.  It is also unfair to say that all boot camps and programs are bad. There are some great government employees that are sincerely interested in the youth they are responsible for. There are also some very good programs that are sincerely interested in the youth they care for. The difficulty a parents faces is, trying to find a quality program and a safe environment for their child. We are happy to help, give us a call.