Being accepted by a boarding school – Admissions Process

Being accepted by a boarding school

If you are looking for a boarding school for your teenager you need to understand that applying and being accepted are two different things! Obviously you want to find the best boarding school for your son or daughter; but they also want to have the best teenagers in their school. This does not mean that your teenager needs to be a model student but it will depend on what you want from the school as to whether they are the best fit for your child.

The admissions procedures for boarding schools will vary, so before applying anywhere, check out what the boarding school requires you to do. The best boarding schools will be the most popular and may also have waiting lists. Some boarding schools are strictly academic and do not provide any therapy for their students, these are not boarding schools for troubled teens. Here the admissions criteria will be based upon academic performance and good references. It is also likely that they will only accept students at certain times of year and that you have to submit your application by a certain date.

Admissions process for private boarding schools

There will be a lot of forms to fill in but this is only half of the procedure you will need to complete. There will be an application form and the private boarding school will expect you to have evidence of your teenagers schooling to date. This will include any examination results, certificates of achievement and school reports. In addition it is good to include any extra-curricular activities your teenager has completed, and any other awards or certificates they have received. This is where you include their piano grades; their participation in sports teams, dance classes, charity fund raising activities.

Private boarding schools are looking for students that will raise their profile in a positive fashion, so they continue to maintain the reputation for being the best boarding school in their state! The second part of the admissions process is the interview with the school.

The Interview for boarding school admission

This interview is a two way process; you are interviewing the school and they are interviewing both you and your teenager. Some of the best boarding schools may seem so intimidating that parents forget to ask them questions as they are so keen to get their teenager a place at the school! It is important to remember that the best boarding school in Texas, for example, as voted by parents, may not be the best boarding school for your child. You should prepare your questions in advance and not feel that you cannot ask whatever you want to. This is your child’s well being at stake, so even if the interview makes you feel nervous, if you prepare beforehand you will be able to make an informed decision.

Decision time

Not all boarding schools will be able to give you an answer at the time of interview. They may have a number of interviews to do, especially at the start of an academic year and they will want to discuss the admissions with their board of directors. You should ask for a timeframe for acceptance at the interview stage as you too will be making a selection to find the best boarding school for your teenager.