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ADHD Boarding Schools

Many students in today’s society must deal with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.  An estimated 8 to 10 percent of school-aged students live with the disorder.  These students struggle with the many side effects that the disorder brings, including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention.  These side effects sometimes make learning and socializing difficult and frustrating not only for the student with ADHD, but for their parents, teachers, and peers.  Fortunately, there are alternative schools for these students, including ADHD boarding schools, which specialize in working with students that have ADHD.  ADHD boarding schools teach students all of the important school fundamentals, as well as valuable life lessons on dealing with their somewhat difficult disorder.  ADHD boarding schools also teach students how to be a successful, productive, and most importantly, happy individuals throughout their life.

What exactly are they?

ADHD boarding schools are facilities, located all throughout the United States, which are designed specifically for students who are struggling in the public education system, and also in their daily lives, because of their ADHD.  Not only do ADHD boarding schools give students an effective, valuable education, they also deal with the side effects that accompany students with ADHD.  Counseling, therapy, and family workshops are all part of the ADHD boarding school curriculum.  Activities that allow students to examine some of their behavioral problems, and work those behaviors out, are key components of an ADHD boarding school.  ADHD boarding schools are not a punishment for students with the disorder; rather, they offer a safe, caring place where students can reach their full potential by knowledgeable, compassionate educators, counselors, and other specialists.  It is extremely beneficial for ADHD students to be around other students with the same disorder.  These ADHD students can offer so much to each other, including ways that they deal with their own disorder on a daily basis.  Lifelong friendships and bonds between students and educators/counselors are made at ADHD boarding schools.
Because ADHD boarding schools are becoming more common and widespread, these facilities offer programs where the student can either stay for a long period of time, or return home on a daily basis.

Who should attend?

So which students would make good candidates to attend an ADHD boarding school? Parents, teachers, and caregivers should examine the checklist and decide if their student exhibits one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Student is failing in one or more subjects at school
  • Students struggles with friends, peers, teachers, and parents
  • Student begins to dread school or other social gatherings
  • Student shows signs of depression, sadness, or withdrawal because of school performance
  • Student begins to act out and does not care about those around them
  • Student participates in destructive, damaging behaviors

If a student displays one or more of the mentioned behaviors, they would most likely make an excellent candidate for attending an ADHD boarding school.
ADHD boarding schools are an excellent tool for students with ADHD to rediscover their self worth and confidence so that they can function normally and become successful individuals not only in the school setting, but forever in their lives.