Christ School

Affiliated with the Episcopal Church, Christ school is an all-boys preparatory school for grades 8-12 located in Asheville, NC. Founded in 1900 by Father Thomas Wetmore and his wife Susan Allen Wetmore, the four acres of hilltop land was just south of Asheville, NC. The purpose of the school was to educate the rural mountain children. This was because of no public schools in the area. Besides the emphasis on academics, the school also taught the students a trade, such as industrial arts, weaving, basket making and cabinet making. The school was co-educational at first, which gave the girls a chance to learn about the nursing profession. The families and the school were benefited by these trades. The Wetmore family provided nursing care and clothing for these poor rural communities. In 1906 Father Wetmore died and his wife became the principal and continued her fundraising for the school. In 1927 when public schooling became available and provided transportation for the children in the area, Christ School became what it is today. Students come from all over the United State and across the world. The school is still affiliated with the Episcopal Church, and will accept boys of all faiths. The Chaplain conducts regular Chapel services.

Christ School has as their mission to produce educated men of good character who will be prepared for college and to be a productive citizen. They encourage the boys to develop academically to their full potential. Through sports, student government and extracurricular activities, Christ School helps the boys become physically fit and learn leadership skills. They teach respect for others regardless of their culture, origin, or beliefs. The students will learn honest labor by their involvement in taking care of the campus. Through chapel services the boys learn the value of faith and their spiritual growth continues throughout their life.


Grades: 8-12

Student cap 249

Class size: 12

Tuition: $40,250

Stud/staff 1:5

Sex: all-boys

Extra Info: Christ School is located on 500-acres of wooded mountain country, with streams, a lake, and trails for hiking or mountain biking.


Phone: 800-422-3212