The Leelanau School

The Leelanau School is located in Glen Arbor, MI and is a coeducational boarding school for grades 9-12. The Leelanau School is a strength-based experiential school for intelligent boys and girls who simply learn differently, especially those with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and similar learning differences. The mission of the school is to support the discovery of individual potential through academic, physical, and personal development in each student.

Cora and Skipper Beals founded a beautiful camp in the summer of 1923, on the shores of Lake Michigan and named it Camp Leelanau. In 1929 the Beals were asked to consider opening a high school program. They agreed and the Leelanau School was born.

At the beginning the school was only for boys. They were taught to prepare for life and the value of mental and manual work, spiritual and scientific lessons, and an appreciation for the environments they encountered. The early 1940’s founded a sister school for girls known as The Pinebrook School. In the 1960’s the two schools were consolidated and in 2004 the focus became serving students with language-based learning differences.

The Leelanau School offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum using multi-sensory, experiential, and strength-based methodologies. Students become aware of their each learning styles and they build skills and strategies to maximize their learning potential, and grow into an independent learner. The Learning Resource Center at Leelanau offers students a place to study and access to technology. Each student has an individual tailored learning program and they are able to practice and internalize methods for success. The Leelanau School provides the opportunity for their students to learn life skills. They learn about effective hygiene, problem solving, appropriate social relationships, conflict resolution, nutrition and health and how to do their own laundry.

Students are given the opportunity at Leelanau to participate in sports, and outdoor recreation. Some programs offered are: tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, canoeing, swimming kayaking, dance, cheerleading, zumba, hunter safety, and equestrian.

Grades: 9-12

Student capacity: 55

Class size: 6

Tuition: $54,500

Student/staff ratio: 1:6

Sex: co-ed

Extra info: Leelanau is a very small school and their focus is the students with learning differences.


Phone: 231-334-5800