Cranbrook Schools

Cranbrook is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI and is a coeducational, college preparatory boarding school for grades 9-12. The students at Cranbrook love to learn and are challenged everyday. Cranbrook desires to motivate their students from all backgrounds to strive for creative, physical and intellectual excellence. They also teach the students to have an appreciation for the arts and different cultures and use technology to enhance their learning. The school teaches the students to have a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.

Tracing it roots back to the 1800’s Cranbrook was the vision of George Booth and his wife. The Booth’s bought the land in 1904 and began to use it for a vacation spot and potential home. In 1908, they moved into their home, Cranbrook House and hoped that the property could be used for something public in nature. In 1912 the Booths and other local families found the private K-12 school in Bloomfield Hills. The Morris Mill was constructed in 1917 to help circulate water flow around the estate. Bloomfield Hills School opens with 8 students in 1922, Bloomfield would later be known as Brookside School. In September of 1927 marked the opening of the Cranbrook campus with long-term faculty members and legendary community. The 1930’s brought the change in the name of Bloomfield Hills School to Brookside School. During this time a temporary building was erected for the Institute of Science. The war in the 1940’s brought change to Brookside School. Many of the faculty members were called to duty and the student’s efforts changed to extracurricular activities to include their support for the war effort. A outdoor hockey rink was built in the 1950’s and named after John W. Gillette, Jr. Finally in the 1960’s the girls at Kingswood School are given their own athletic facility and Cranbrook faculty members offer a two month summer program for the disadvantaged youth of Detroit. After much debate in 1985, the Cranbrook School and Kingswood School merge into Cranbrook, Kingswood Upper School. Through out the years ahead Cranbrook changed with the times receiving SMARTBoards in 1999. The Upper School students establish the Cranbrook chapter of Habitat for Humanity in the same year.

Cranbrook believes that every child is unique and they welcome motivated students of all races, backgrounds and orientation to their school. Each student comes to learn, grow and learn their potential. Cranbrook is proud of their reputation for being one of the leading college preparatory schools in the country.


Grades: 9-12

Student Cap 799

Class Size: 16

Tuition: $37,900

Stud/Staff 1:8

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: The U.S. Department of Education named Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School as the Exemplary School for academic excellence.


Phone: 248-645-3610