The Howe School

The Howe School is located in Howe, IN on a 100-acre campus in Northwest Indiana and is a private, Episcopal, coeducational, college-preparatory boarding school for grades 7-12 and with a military tradition. The military model at Howe helps cadets achieve leadership skills that will help them throughout their life. Howe strives to instill discipline and self-control to teach cadets to control urges and resist temptations. The cadets learn to think through the consequences of their actions and take ownership and responsibility. Howe has cadets from all over the world so they teach them to respect each other and their differences. Howe desires to give their cadets the best possible education to prepare them for college and the future.

The mission of Howe is to prepare young individuals for advanced education while developing character and intellect required for success in any endeavor. Howe is dedicated to providing opportunities for the cadet to develop through rigorous academics and spiritual formation. Howe welcomes students of all faiths, yet still remain close relationship with the Episcopal Church and JROTC. Howe develops in each cadet, self-discipline, strong moral character, leadership, physical well-being, citizenship and logical thinking and communication skills.

Howe believes their military program makes them a better school. Military training has always used to create pride, efficiency and success. The military program is not used to prepare the students for military service. It is a proven tool to help prepare the graduates of Howe for college and life.

Athletics play an important role at Howe and they offer many sports teams to become involved in such as: football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, rifle team, track, baseball, girls’ softball and golf. They stress the importance of becoming physically fit and encourage the students to participate in some kind of sport because it will build their self esteem and confidence.

The rules and regulations at Howe are designed to help the student to mature. The students learn the moral and behavioral standards required to be successful in life and that there are consequences for their actions. The students are taught responsibility and accountability.

Grades: 7-12

Student capacity: 141

Class size: 8

Tuition: $30,000

Student/staff ratio: 1:8

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Howe offers a summer program.


Phone: 1-888-462-4693