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Located in Tacoma, WA the Annie Wright School is a boys and girls day program, preschool-grade 8 and a girl’s day and boarding school for grades 9-12. Reverend John Adams Paddock was the first Missionary Bishop for the Episcopal Church and was asked to go to the Washington Territory in 1880. Charles Wright was in the business of banking and railroads. He was part of the committee that was to determine the final destination of the Northern Pacific Railroad. He moved to Tacoma and became president of the Tacoma Land Company.

He later wrote Bishop Paddock and asked him how he could help further the growth of Tacoma. Paddock told him that the small town needed a church and school to give the daughters of the pioneers a Christian education. Annie Wright School was named after Charles Wright’s daughter. The seminary opened the doors with 46 students from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Hawaii. It grew quickly and in the early 1900’s a new location and building was needed. In 1924 the new building was complete and school opened September 18, 1924. In 1947 the Headmistress Ruth Jenkins felt the need to reform the school’s religious curriculum and make it available for all faiths and forms of worship. After the 1949 earthquake damaged a nearby elementary school, the Annie Wright campus made available outbuilding’s so the boys could continue their education.

Annie Wright Schools are for the students and they challenge them to become the best they can. Faculty and staff are important also, but the students are the main focus. The school helps the students to grow not only academically, but also spiritually, physically and emotionally. Working with the students parents they help the students to set high goals and encourage them to meet their goals. At the Annie Wright Schools, the adults build relationships with their students because of the small class sizes. They get to know them individually and help the students realized their potential.

Camp Wright is a summer camp that helps kids pre-kindergarten through 6th grade experience unique things such a music composition, hiking and forensics. They can also build a catapult, sing hymns or kick the soccer balls. What an affordable way to give your child the summer they will enjoy and remember.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity145 enrolled
Student Class Size12
Tuition (Yearly)$46,950
Student/Staff Ratio1:7
Student SexAll girl boarding, boys and girls day school
Extra Info.This school offers a summer program for pre-kindergarten to 6th grade.
Website Infohttp://www.aw.org
Phone Number253-284-8600

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