Hargrave Military Academy

Hargrave Military Academy is located in Chatham, VA and is a private boarding school with Christian values for boy’s grades 7-12 to one postgraduate year. The history of Hargrave Military Academy started in 1906, when Mr. Charles R. Warren, organized and operated a day school known as Warren Training School, but it closed in 1909. Mr. Jesse H. Hargrave and his son joined with the pastor of Chatham Baptist Church, Reverend T. Ryland Sanford and made plans for a new school to open in September of 1909. Because of the country’s involvement in World War I, military training was approved as part of the course of study. Although the Academy was approved for Junior ROTC many times, the trustees feared that such a program would be overemphasized and lessen the academics and focus more on the military aspect. The schools name was changed in 1925 from Chatham Training School to Hargrave Military Academy. Unfortunately in 1950, a fire totally destroyed many building and equipment. This provided the opportunity for the whole school community to rough it and the school rose again. The trustees launched a campaign to provide for reconstruction of the buildings destroyed by the fire. Many building were rebuilt and many more added threw the years. The 1970’s were a difficult time for military schools because of the Vietman War. Many military schools closed while others like Hargrave lost many students. Hargrave did their best to provide structure in education and they feel that is why they survived this era in history. In 1981 another major fire came to Hargrave. Classes were held the next day though and the next fall opened with a strong enrollment amidst all the construction to rebuild Camden Hall.

Hargrave believes in teaching the entire student, where the students are physically, morally, and mentally fit will be in a better position to make good decisions, set personal goals and become productive citizens. The school’s philosophy is with the diverse student body and the traditional college preparatory curriculum these are anchors for enabling critical thinking and inspiring their students with a desire to learn.

Hargrave has a structured schedule that allows time for study, athletics, recreation and personal development as well as rest. They provide support for the development and growth of each student in their creative abilities through drama, music, publications, religion, ecology and co-curricular programs. They also provide each student the opportunity to live in an atmosphere that is conducive to Christian growth and to appreciate and understand the American democratic process.

Grades: 7-12

Student capacity: 340

Class size: 11

Tuition: $28,600

Student/staff ratio: 1:11

Sex: all boys

Extra Info: Hargrave is rooted in the Christian faith and maintain a strong commitment to Christian values and beliefs.

Website: hargrave.edu

Phone: 800-432-2480