About the School

Blue Ridge School is a college preparatory boarding school for boys, grades 9-12. The private school has small classes that make it so the teachers can give more personalized attention and the structured environment makes for a strong sense of belonging to a community. The school tries to develop in each boy a strong character by stressing qualities such as courage, integrity, empathy and perseverance. Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, twenty miles from Charlottesville, VA the campus comprises nearly 800 acres.

They are also 2.5 hours from Richmond, VA and Washington D.C. Blue Ridge believes that boys learn different than girls and so for fifteen years have only had boys in attendance. Research has shown that students who are in a single gender classroom is more engaged in class and have a positive attitude towards school and extracurricular activities. With few distractions and social pressures, Blue Ridge feels that this helps the boys try new things and explore their own interests. At the start of school, Blue Ridge will conduct a learning style interview to see how each student processes information. The teachers will use visual aids and activities in the classroom because they feel that boys learn better this way.

Because boys fine motor skills develop later than girls, the school will use literature that is attractive to boys, to supplement the textbook reading, the teachers will use books on tape and videos. They will also use hands-on activities to help the boys learn and process information that is more suited for them. Blue Ridge will have a very structured day for the boys, between academics, sport’s, study and recreation they make the day go smooth for the boy that has a hard time with making quick transitions from one subject to another. Blue Ridge will also show boys how to improve in areas they aren’t comfortable with and teach them to reach beyond themselves by building confidence and taking risks.

The school feels that if a boy can accomplish one thing, they can accomplish many more. The Honor Code at Blue Ridge helps a boy to not lie, cheat, or steal. The school also has a Code of Conduct for everyone. The Code emphasizes accountability, good character, and honor. As the boys live the code they learn to be independent, honorable and prepared to thrive in college.

The students at Blue Ridge will help in the community with cleanup and trail maintenance. They also provide the opportunity for the boys to recycle and to help with fund raising. This gives the boys an opportunity to give back to the community. Blue Ridge feels that a student should work hard, and play hard, so they offer clubs, activities and trips to reward the students.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity195
Student Class Size9
Tuition (Yearly)$38,500
Student/Staff Ratio1:6
Student SexAll Boy
Extra Info.Blue Ridge is only a boarding school. They do not take day students. They want the boys to feel that they are home, even if they are away from home.
Website Infohttp://blueridgeschool.com
Phone Number434-985-2811

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