Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy is located in Fork Union, VA and is a Christian, college preparatory, military-style school for young men grades 6-12. Fork Union offers high quality academics as well as athletics. The structure of the school is built around discipline, leadership development, and Christian values. Founded in 1898, Fork Union Military Academy has a long tradition of “southern military schools.” Seeing the need for a local college preparatory school, Dr. William E. Hatcher, a prominent Baptist minister, founded Fork Union Academy. They first started with nineteen boys and girls and in the year 1913 became all boy military school. The goal of the school is not to create soldiers, but to build solid strong citizens who embody the values such as integrity, honor, duty, self-discipline and service to others. The school is an independent military school and is not affiliated with any branch of the military and does not offer ROTC or JROTC model. No training is done as far as military tactics, techniques or doctrine. Fork Union is not a boot camp and does not cater to troubled teens.

Respect for authority, punctuality, self-discipline, accountability and personal and corporate hygiene are positive military courtesies the cadets are taught. They are also taught to be responsible for their actions, of doing their own work and working with others toward a common purpose. The cadets are expected to tuck in their shirts, to say, “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am,” to stand when a lady enters, and to open doors for others. They learn to look others in the eye and address them with respect and speak with confidence.

The athletic program at Fork Union Military Academy offers sports such as: cross country, football, soccer, rifle team, indoor track, indoor soccer, basketball, wrestling, swimming and diving, baseball, lacrosse, tennis and track & field.

The daily schedule of a cadet is mainly focused on their academic achievements, but there is time for athletics, arts, fellowship and recreation. Cadets may choose to be involved in the Marching Band, FUMA Bagpipes, or singing in the Chorus or Chorale. There is a drama club if any cadets are interested in drama and theatre, whether to take to the stage or work behind the scenes. There is a wide variety of clubs organized to help cadets pursue special interest. Some of these are: debate, chess, fishing, woodworking, film and video, scuba, international cultures and flying lessons. Each year the school has a Military Ball and the Quadrille Club helps to plan and organize this event. Bible study groups and Christian fellowship organizations meet on a regular basis. There are also field trips off campus that the cadets may be involved in with trips to historic locations, ski trips to the Virginia’s mountain slopes, and to see concerts and special events.

Grades; 6-12

Student cap 535

Class size: 15

Tuition: $31,050

Stud/staff ratio: 1:10

Sex: all boy

Extra Info: There is an infirmary on campus with a nurse to access student’s needs and dispense prescribed medications.


Phone: 800-GO-2-FUMA