The Greenwood School

The Greenwood School is located in Putney, VT and is an all-boys school for grades 6-12. It was founded in 1978 and is a school for boys who have been diagnosed with, dyslexia, language learning disabilities, learning difference, ADD or ADHD, dysgraphia, and speech and language needs. Though the boys may have learning challenges, they are highly intelligent and have many talents. They came from their old school setting feeling overwhelmed with their failure. The program at Greenwood is highly structured and the students are given much support and understanding. In order to address all of the levels of achievements in their students, they use a remedial language program. Teachers are trained in this program and also in the multi-sensory approach based on the Orton-Gillingham method and the remedial approach. Greenwood is an enriched and challenging school for boys to learn not only how to succeed academically, but to form a positive self image of themselves.

Greenwood School helps its students to appreciate their talents, improve their weaknesses, and discover their true potential. The school community provides the opportunity for each student to learn mutual respect and care for others. The classes at Greenwood are grouped to meet the needs of each student’s level of achievement and learning style. The goal at Greenwood is to awaken a desire to learn in each student. To be successful in higher education, Greenwood believes that their students need to have a desire to learn, have a positive outlook and be motivated to put in extra study time. Greenwood gives their students the opportunity to develop new perspectives and to strive for achievable social and academic goals. They teach their students to avoid taking advantage of opportunities just because they have a learning problem. They encourage kindness, tolerance and fellowship.

Greenwood requires their students to participate in some form of physical exercise daily.

Some of the sports that students can be involved in are: soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, mountain biking, skateboarding, fencing, horseback riding, martial arts, cross county skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, There are also organized activities such as: rock climbing, sledding, ice skating, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking and camping.

Greenwood has developed a strong fine arts program that includes art, music, and drama. They find that many of their students have never had the opportunity to participate in the arts before because they were pulled out of the classes to receive a more individualized academic instruction.

Grades: 6-12

Student cap 47

Class size: 4

Tuition: $65,870

Stud/staff ratio: 1:2

Sex: all-boys

Extra Info: This school is small in size which gives the teachers the opportunity to give individualized attention.


Phone: 802-387-4545