The Hockaday School

The Hockaday School is located in Dallas, TX and is an all girls boarding school for grades 8-12 with focus on preparing for college. Girls are encouraged to try new things and take risks. The girls are given opportunities to excel as an athlete, writer, scientist, musician, actor, artists and more.

The Hockaday School was started in 1913 by Miss Ela Hockaday. There were only ten students enrolled on the first day of school. A few years later the school grew to add a lower school and boarding school department. In 1931 Miss Hockaday began a Junior College, even though the economic times were a challenge. She opened The Music Institute in 1938 which was became the location of the second campus. After the death of Miss Hockaday, J. Erik Jonsson took over and found a location for a new campus. Karl Hobitzelle donated 100 acres North of Dallas which became the third campus and present day campus in 1961. Although there were many challenges through out the years, Hockaday still remains committed to Miss Hockaday’s vision of the four cornerstones of character, courtesy, scholarship, and athletics.

The Hockaday School provides a college preparatory education for girls who have strong potential and who come from diverse backgrounds. They are expected to be responsible and learn to become leaders in an ever changing world. The purpose of The Hockaday School is to foster a community of friendship, concern and to instill in each girl the love of learning. She is taught ethical principles to guide her life, and to better understand herself.

The Four Cornerstones at Hockaday School are: Character: The pursuit of a moral and ethical life that builds in each girl the assurance and strength to take on life’s pressures.

Courtesy: The outward expression of respect for others and for self. Scholarship: The search of knowledge that brings girls to the understanding of the complex world, and to learn to be creative, and have a resourceful mind. Athletics: The endeavor to encourage each young woman to have an active, healthy, balanced life and to be modest winners and courageous losers.

Athletics play an important role at Hockaday. They provide a physical education class as well as sports activities. The physical education curriculum offers activities such as: yoga, dance, in-line skating and self-defense. Some of the sports the girls can participate in are: Hockey, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Track and more.

The Fine Arts program at Hockaday provides the opportunity for each girl to awaken her creativity and self-expression by exposing her to all the various forms of art. Students may direct plays, choreograph dance pieces, or display their own art.

Grades: 8-12

Student capacity: 1087

Class size: 14

Tuition: $43,674

Student/Staff ratio: 1:10

Sex: all girls

Extra Info: Online school is available.


Phone: 214-360-6526