International Riding Academy/Hilton Head Preparatory School

International Riding Academy is a coeducational boarding school for grades 6-12. It is the only academy that combines training, academics and competition for riders who wish to train and compete up to the national level. The beautiful Academy is located in Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The Academy was created for the purpose of preparing a small and dedicated group of junior riders, maximum of 12 to compete on the National level and join college scholarship riding programs. Each rider is encouraged to achieve their riding and educational goals based on their individual, dedication and efforts. iRiding Academy works with Hilton Head Preparatory School to prepare them for college, with their vigorous academics. Hilton Head is in constant communication with the Academy to make sure each student is keeping up with their academic work. They also send to the parents a written monthly report to keep them informed. The mission of International Riding Academy is to seek talented riders who are highly motivated and develop them to their full potential as competitors, while upholding excellent academic standards. The five key components at iRiding are: education, character, riding, mental training and motivation.

The Full-Time Riding Program at iRiding prepares students for the rigors of collegiate and even professional riding by preparing, performing and learning. The students attend school in the mornings, have lunch, attend school and leave around 2:30. The rest of the afternoons are focused on improving the students riding and horse management. Weekends can be spent competing in horse shows, depending upon the student’s schedule and progress. The students may choose to practice their riding skills, or rest or enjoy one of the many attractions available at Hilton Head.

Hilton Head Preparatory School is a safe place to educate college-bound students and instilling in them personal integrity. The school strives to prepare their students for academic challenges, to achieve a successful college experience and to be successful in life. Hilton Head assists their students with standardized testing, extra tutoring and school projects. Service is important at Hilton Head, each student is required to complete at least 10 hours of community service and are encouraged to participate more. Other activities that are available are: tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, swimming, football, movies, miniature golf, concerts, go bowling, trips to Savannah, GA or Charleston and fireworks in the summer.

Grades: 6-12

Student capacity: 12

Student/staff ratio: 1:12

Tuition: Merit Scholarships Offered

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Support for students with ADD/ADHD.


Phone: 843-671-2586