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Located in Camden, SC, Camden Military Academy is an all boy Military Academy and was first known as Carlisle Military School. Founded in 1892, Carlisle Fitting School of Wofford College was named in honor of Dr. James H. Carlisle, who was the president of Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Later the school was leased by Colonel and Mrs. James F. Risher and they were able to purchase it in 1938. The Risher’s operated the school as a military preparatory school until it closed in May 1977. Camden Military Academy was founded by a group of Camden citizens in 1950. They felt their town would be an excellent setting for a private school. The Risher’s purchased the facility in 1958 and the name was changed from Carlisle Military School to Camden Military Academy.

Camden Military Academy accepts young men of unfulfilled promise and leads them to a future of success. They feel the Cadets learn honor, integrity, and duty as they live on campus. The Cadet’s also learn to take responsibility for their own successes and failures in the classroom, in athletics and their military roles. The Cadet’s are also taught to respect others and develop their own individual strengths. Camden Military Academy believes that they help the whole man to be prepared not only academically, but also physically, emotionally, and morally to face opportunities and challenges after they leave the Academy.

Camden Military Academy is a college preparatory school for young men. They not only help the young men to succeed in the classroom but also in life. Their students may just be an underachiever or lack self confidence. The smaller classroom environment is helpful to those who may have mild learning challenges such as ADD or ADHD.

The military program at Camden Military Academy is a major part of their campus life. They organize the student boy into Corps of Cadets which consist of four companies. Each company has an assistant commandant that supervises the activities, and life of his cadets. He monitors their conduct, academic progress and overall development and is available to help the cadets if they need advice or counsel. The Academy is Military not a boot camp.

The military values teach the young men to take pride in their country, and instills precision, self-control, neatness and promptness. All of the cadet’s are required to participate in the JROTC program and attend classes in leadership development. The Military Department supervises the varsity rifle team, precision drill team and the Cadet Challenge Program.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity302
Student Class Size12
Tuition (Yearly)$17,595
Student/Staff Ratio1:8
Student SexAll Boy
Extra Info.This Academy offers the lowest cost available for a boarding school.
Website Infowww.camdenmilitary.com
Phone Number800-948-6291

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