Grier School

The Grier School is located in Tyrone, PA and is an all-girls boarding school for grades 7-12. Grier offers to their students a well-rounded education not only in academics, but also in the arts, athletics and Advanced Placement programs. Their Elite Scholars program first identifies those students who with outstanding abilities and places them in Honors sections. The Honors sections are in the English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Economics, Foreign Language, Art departments. Grier has 16 Advanced Placement courses and the Honor students are expected to qualify to take these courses. If the girls take the Advanced Placement courses, they are also expected to take the national exams.

In 1857, Lemuel and Sarah Grier opened the Grier School. It was first known as the Mountain Female Seminary. They had taught at a co-ed school previously and they were convinced that their school would be just for girls. The Grier family moved in to the Shelter Oak home in 1869 that was located on campus. During the years of 1870-1881 a dozen male students were enrolled. Gas lamps a d steam heat were installed in 1875 making it more comfortable for their students. As the years passed, phone service became available as well as a new Art Hall, Gate House and Gymnasium was built. The school became a member of the Association of Colleges and Preparatory schools in 1901. One hundred students were enrolled in 1920, making it the largest enrollment the school had ever seen. The name of the school was officially changed to Grier School in 1937. Grier school grew with 147 students in 1948. The Trustee Hall was built as an indoor riding arena in 1963. The Allegheny Riding Camp was born when the Grier’s decided that the school’s facilities needed to be used to their full capacity and they started a summer camp for younger girls. The girls come to camp to ride, dance and study art. By 1975, the school had more International students and an outdoor swimming pool was completed. Much more construction took place threw the years and The Big Sister program began to help the new girls feel more welcome.

The art program offers classes in photography, costume design, graphic design, jewelry and metal art, fabric art, textile design, ceramics, potter, painting, drawing, printmaking and video production. Drama, dance, and music opportunities are available also.

The athletic department offers the students the chance to participate in: basketball, fencing, tennis, cheerleading, soccer, volleyball and horseback riding.

Grades: 7-12

Student cap: 262

Class size: 9

Tuition: $45,800

Stud/staff ratio: 1:6

Sex: all-girls

Extra Info: There are many clubs the girls can join such as: cooking, floral design, journalism, astronomy, environmental, and National Honor Society to name a few.


Phone: 814-684-3000