Delphian School

Delphian School is located in Sheridan, OR and is a co-educational school for grades 3-12, with a focus on college prep. The Delphian program helps students of any age to prepare to learn and for life. With their unique Study Technology, students understand how to study and how to actually learn. This technique helps Delphian learn why some students are self-motivated and some aren’t. Also, they learn the early warning signs for the student’s lack of comprehension and inability to apply what they are learning. Through this Study Tech, they learn what action to take to resolve difficulties and keep them selves on track. Learning this Tech gives the students the ability to study effectively and independently and becomes a powerful tool in helping them take control of their education and their future. Delphian makes the education of their student’s personal. When a student first arrives at the school, the school helps develop a study program based on the interests and the academic strengths and weaknesses of the student. They do this through interviews and diagnostic testing. Delphian stresses the important of integrity and that to be successful in life you need to know right from wrong and use logic and reason. Delphian has many courses, activities, and projects in their curriculum to help strengthen each student in honesty, accountability and character.

Delphian believes in the basics, in reading, writing and arithmetic. In each area the competency standards are set high and the student’s work on them until each standard is attained. The Delphian Program emphasizes the importance of literacy and they have the keys to broaden a student’s understanding of concepts and culture. With the focus on comprehension and the rich literature program at Delphian, a student’s confidence rises and they learn to love to read. Delphian emphasizes results, this gives students the freedom to move quickly or take more time with subjects that need it.

The athletic program at Delphian would include such sports as basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and girls softball.

The academic program at Delphian is unique because they don’t believe a student should memorize facts only to forget them after the test. The student’s are taught to use other concepts they have learned and compare it with an idea they’re studying. They learn to demonstrate it, explain it, teach it someone else, and then apply it into their lives. So they have not just memorized and forgot, but learned to think and reason.


Grades: 3-12

Student cap: 250

Class size: 17

Tuition: $38,890

Stud/Staff ratio: 1:7

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: This school will take students as young as nine.


Phone: 800-626-6610