Grand River Academy

Grand River Academy is located in Austinburg, Ohio and is a college prep school for boys in grades 9-12. Dr. Orestes K Hawley founded the school in 1831 with an endowment of a building and several acres of land on the banks of the Grand River. In the year 1835, the building was moved to the present location in Austinburg, Ohio. Carl and Ruth Bauder came to the school in the 30’s and lived and worked on campus. They would often go to Cleveland to raise funds for the school. Today, the school sits on 200 acres and continues to expand.

Grand River Academy believes in the each student and provides a structured academic program, small class size, individualized attention, and supervised study hours. They provide an environment for young men whose needs are not being met in their own high school environment. They have support for ADD/ADHD students and those with learning differences.

The athletic program at Grand River provides an opportunity for boys to learn the value of teamwork and competition. The athletic department’s top priority is to provide all students the opportunity to be involved in sports. The boys learn to develop time management skills through the athletic experience and they learn to manage their own schedules. Some of the sports the boys may be involved in are: lacrosse, baseball, tennis, wrestling, basketball, soccer, football, cross country, bowling, golf, and indoor soccer.

The community at Grand River promotes student’s individuality and contributes to their personal growth and well being. The faculty and dorm parents care about each student and this makes a difference in their education.

Grand River Academy has an international program that plays an important role in their education for life approach to learning. These students are given the opportunity to learn about America and they help the American students learn about the world. International students are paired with an English Speaking student who is their mentor and is available to answer questions, be their friend and help them solve problems.

Grades: 9-12

Student cap: 118

Class size: 7

Tuition: $34,325

Stud/staff ratio: 1:5

Sex: all-boys

Extra Info: Grand River offers a small classroom setting that gives the students an opportunity to receive individualized attention. They also have a co-ed summer program.


Phone: 440-275-2811 ex 39