The Kildonan School

The Kildonan School is located in Amenia, NY and is a coeducational boarding school for students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences (grades 7-12). The mission of Kildonan is to empower their students with dyslexia to regain confidence and exercise their strengths. The daily language tutorials using the Orton-Gillingham approach complement the challenging curriculum and inspire students to love learning while preparing for college and life. Kidonan School does not formally recognize its students’ academic performance using an Honor Role or Dean’s list, but they value each student’s efforts with the Academic Effort award given at the end of each term. The student is nominated by their Language Training Tutor as well as by at least half of their subject matter teachers. They evaluate the student’s positive attitude, completion and accuracy of written assignments, dedication, improvement in phonics and word attack skills, handwriting and posture. This award does not automatically go to the students with the highest grades.

The Athletic program at Kildonan believes that finding success through physical activity often leads to increased confidence in other areas as well. Through the athletic program, students can gain self-esteem, and respect for each other while learning lessons in cooperation, sportsmanship and team spirit. Kildonan provides beginning and experienced athletes, interscholastic competition but also offer recreational sports for those who would prefer physical fitness without the competitive element. Some of the competitive sports are: soccer, basketball, Lacrosse, and tennis. During the winter term, students may participate in a Ski and Snowboard program at Ski Butternut in Great Barring, MA. This program encourages a healthy lifestyle and allows students to get outdoors and stay active during the winter months. Each Thursday students and faculty travel to Butternut for morning lessons and the afternoon spent practicing. Students of all levels participate and the program is challenging, fun and memorable.

Grades: 7-12

Student Capacity: 100

Class size: 8

Tuition: $61,900

Student/staff ratio: 1:2

Sex: co-ed

Extra info: Support for those with ADD/ADHD.


Phone: 845-373-2012