Hoosac School

Hoosac School is located in Hoosick, NY and is a coeducational school for grades 8-12. Dr. Edward Dudley Tibbits founded the school in 1889, to provide a highly personalized educational setting where each student would receive individual attention and support. Mr. Tibbits philosophy remains true today: to develop the character, spirit, mind, and body of its students and to build in their student’s independence and self discipline and to motivate them to reach their full potential. The school was first for boys only and founded as an Episcopal church school. Today Hoosac still has ties to the church through the Chapel program, while welcoming all young men and women from many religious backgrounds.

Hoosac has two core beliefs: the school should strive to educate the whole student, academically, socially, athletically and spiritually and that the school should remain such a size that every student would receive full care and attention.

Student government at Hoosac involves students know as Prefects. They assist the faculty in the day to day governance of the school. All students are given daily responsibilities to clean each day and the assignments change every week. They call this cleaning responsibility, work-job and it promotes a strong work ethic in each student.

Hoosac has classes six days a week making it possible to have breaks throughout the year. There is plenty of time for und and relaxation on the weekends. Students are able to have Saturday afternoons to choose to watch a sports game, participate in one of the many clubs, or go off campus to the Mall. If students choose to stay on campus, the use of the school’s gym or pool is always available. Sunday is a day of rest and some students choose to sleep in while others attend local religious services. Sunday afternoons may involve a trip to a cultural event or the movies.

Some of the varsity sports teams the students can participate in are: soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, baseball. Skiing, flag football, swimming skating, snowboarding, volleyball and bicycling are offered as recreational and intramural sports.

The school community life at Hoosac cultivates an attitude of thoughtfulness and courtesy. The students learn to act for the well being of others as well as themselves. Advisors help students to set goals and they evaluate a students progress. All members of the school community life by the code of honor which states, they believe in truthfulness to be the foundation of personal integrity, reliability and justice. A student pledges with God’s help to be truthful in all matters and to show personal integrity, reliability, justice and assist others in the community in upholding these principles.

Grades: 8-12

Student capacity: 125

Class size: 8

Tuition: $35,000

Student/staff ratio: 1:4

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Small class size and support for those with ADD/ADHD and Learning Differences.

Website: hoosac.com

Phone: 518-686-7331