Emma Willard School

Emma Willard School is located in Troy, NY and is a school for girls in grades 9-12. The school is named after Emma Hart Willard, she had a father who believed that educating his daughters was just as important as educating his sons. In 1807, Emma went to Vermont, to run an academy for women. A few years later she married and retired from teaching. In 1814 she opened a girl’s school in her home to help with the finances. She believed strongly in the education for young women. In 1819, the Governor of New York asked Emma to open a school in Waterford. After two years, the school was moved to Troy and was known as the Troy Female Seminary. In 1895 the school was renamed in her honor. At first the young women that attended Troy were wealthy wives and mothers. Later her graduates became teachers, social activists and writers. She left the daily management of the school to her son and daughter-in-law in 1838 and spent years traveling and writing.

Emma offers many opportunities for accomplishment every day for each girl. They promote leadership and celebrate citizenship. Emma explores values and reward risk taking. Emma encourages the girls to develop their minds and talents. The Emma Willard School is a leader in curriculum innovation. They have a wide variety of electives including the fine and performing arts. The students at Emma are young women who love to learn. Many of the students plan and pursue internships in artistic, professional and athletic fields.

The arts program offers courses in music, theatre, dance and visual arts. Students are able to study a particular art form in depth or explore new areas that would be of interest to them. In the visual arts department there are many opportunities to study and learn skills such as, weaving, ceramics, drawing, photography and painting.

Every girl at Emma has the opportunity to maintain their personal fitness by organized exercise, sports, aquatics and health and wellness. Because students are encouraged to develop a healthy life style, exercise is as important as their education.

At Emma the girls feel a part of a big family and find themselves calling each others sisters. There is much privacy and freedom in community living. Emma girls are known to have a lot of fun. At night there is always something to do, movie nights with the house parents or the freshman hall dance parties. The halls at Emma are alive with music, conversation and laughter.

Grades: 9-12

Student Cap: 322

Class size: 13

Tuition: 43,650

Stud/staff ratio: 1:5

Sex: all girls

Extra Info: Everything at Emma is for the girl’s and about them.

Website: emmawillard.org

Phone: 518-833-1322