Darrow School

Darrow School is a coeducational, college preparatory boarding school for grades 9-12. Darrow is located in New Lebanon, NY in the historic Shaker Village. This setting is of historical significance, a National Historic Landmark and the beauty defines the character of the School. Darrow School opened in 1932 as a school for boys known as the Lebanon School. It was founded by a group of Shaker, community leaders and educational leaders. It was renamed in 1939 and became coeducational. Renamed after the Darrow family, who were one of the first to settle in the area and provide support and leadership in the Shaker community. Shakers came to Mt. Lebanon in 1781 and they were known for being self-sufficient in the farming community. They made quality handcrafted furniture and they had a unique approach to life and learning. The beautiful landmark buildings provide an atmosphere of industry, integrity, and simplicity on campus. Enriched by the history and values of the Shaker people, students and teachers at Darrow are all involved in the community life and appreciate the Shaker history and the people who once lived there.

Darrow is dedicated to serving the students, knowing they are diverse in their backgrounds and abilities. For success in college and life, Darrow builds on each student’s individual talents and interests. The college-preparatory curriculum is very challenging and Darrow provides a combination of hands-on learning and classroom instruction in a supportive environment. The low student to teacher ratio allows for the best individual attention in each students learning process.

Darrow School has an arts program that provides a variety of artistic enterprises in music, theater and visual arts. The arts program offers filmmaking, medieval revelry, furniture design and Shaker style handicrafts.

The athletic program at Darrow is dedicated to the students enjoying the sports experience whether it is on a competitive team or just for recreation. Darrow believes that good sportsmanship is important as team players and as individuals. They offer many competitive sports such as, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and more. The non competitive sports would include: hiking, rock climbing, camping, and snowshoeing.

The community at Darrow helps each student to feel that they belong and that they can have positive relationships with adults, as well as each other. The community environment provides the opportunity for students to learn from others and develop confidence, leadership skills and independence.


Grades: 9-12

Student cap: 116

Class Size: 9

Tuition: $47,400

Stud/staff ratio: 1:4

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Sustainability is important at Darrow. They have an all natural wastewater processing facility and students are involved in recycling and energy conservation.

Website: darrowschool.org

Phone: 518-794-6006