Holderness School

Holderness School is located in Plymouth, NH and is a coeducational school for grades 9-12. The members of the Episcopal General Convention founded Holderness School in 1879. Their vision was to provide the highest degree of excellence in instruction and care taking with the lowest possible charge for tuition and board. Located in the heart of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, the campus was first part of the historic Livermore Estate. They still hold special services at the Trinity Chapel, built in 1797. At the first the students hiked nearby mountains, camped in the woods adjoining the campus and boated or swam the rivers and lakes. In 1928, a member of the American Olympic Winter Sports Team became involved in helping cut and groom Holderness’ own ski trails. Snow sports are a strong part of the athletic program. It was important for the students to help take care of the grounds and campus improvements during the two World Wars and the Great Depression. This provided the opportunity for the school to create the Job Program, which is still in force today. Holderness School has upheld its core principles, even during times of change.

Holderness School has a strong school community that cultivated character. The school asks their students to participate in programs that test and enhance their character. The school teaches their students that they need to have balance in all aspects of their life and to become involved and ready to take on new challenges.

At Holderness, the academic program centers on commitment to mind, body, spirit where the student’s are intentionally challenged to help prepare them for college. The program demands energy and hard work. The faculty members at Holderness are skilled, knowledgeable and empathetic and are available anytime to give help when needed.

A group of varsity captains and interested students make up The Athletic Council. They keep the school updated on happening and choose an Athlete of the Week. Some of the sports available are: hockey, soccer, golf, skiing and more.

The arts department at Holderness offers studio art, ceramics, and photography. The visual arts offer an opportunity to participate in music, theater, and dance.

Grades: 9-12

Student capacity: 280

Class size: 10

Tuition: $47,500

Student/staff ratio: 1:7

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Small class size and Episcopal religious affiliation.

Website: Holderness.org

Phone: 603-536-1747