High Mowing School

High Mowing School is located in Wilton, NH and is a coeducational school for grades 9-12 with the focus on college preparation. High Mowing School is the first Waldorf high school to offer a boarding program in North America. The school is rich in education and social community for over seven decades. They are a small, friendly community of students learning together in a comfortable setting. Everyone plays an active part in the school community. With the gifted and committed faculty, High Mowing School encourages their students to recognize their potential and passions, and help them develop their artistic, intellectual and physical capacities. The students learn to develop their social skills, social sensitivity and social understanding. High Mowing School is committed to their students and strives to bring out each students sense of self and of their own life’s purpose. Having developed fully and well-educated, High Mowing School’s students are ready with the tools needed to be successful in life.

Through the academic, artistic and athletic excellence attained at High Mowing School, the student’s not only leave with a better education, but are also good citizens of the world.

High Mowing School was opened in 1942 by Beulah Hebpburn Emmet. The school is nestled in the Monadnock region of Southern New Hampshire and was once a family home of Beulah Hepburn Emmet. The comfort of the old farm site welcomes student’s from around the globe. The name, High Mowing, has its roots in the New England colonial past. The practice of cutting or mowing hayfields to feed farm animals has been a tradition for years. The hayfields were often called “mowings” by the European early settlers. A “high mowing” referred to a hilltop field, thus the perfect name for the school. The school has high ambitions for their students while growing and learning with students from across town and around the world.

High Mowing allows students to thing for themselves and approach problems creatively and they succeed and do very well in college. The graduates understand themselves and have learned to be confidents in their own capacities to learn and grow. They are ready to confront life’s challenges and recognize opportunities for themselves as well as to help others. The student’s at High Mowing are engaged by a curriculum designed to meet their developmental needs and they grow into well-rounded and competent adults.

Grades: 9-12

Student Capacity: 112

Class Size: 12

Tuition: $42,100

Student/Staff ratio: 1:4

Sex: co-ed

Extra info: This is a small class size Waldorf School.

Website: highmowing.org

Phone: 603-654-2391 X109