Hampshire Country School

Hampshire Country School is located in Rindge, NH and is an all-boys junior school for grades 3-12. They provide a solid education, healthy activities and a family-style boarding school community. Though few students stay through high school, the school is a good place for bright students who are struggling in a large school, maybe because they are socially young for their age or have Asperger’s, ADHD, or other learning challenges. Hampshire Country School is a caring, school for 25 boys. It is a haven for parents whose children needed someone to believe in them. Hampshire takes notice of their student’s strengths rather than difficulties. Students have learned to believe in themselves and accomplish more than they thought they could. They have had the opportunity to build friendships and feel that they belong.

Classes at Hampshire Country School are small making it possible for teacher’s to give their full attention to each student. Teachers often need to modify a lesson to fit one or two student’s special interests or difficulties. It is not a major issue if a student is very enthusiastic or interrupts. Teachers who live on campus can visit dorms in the evening to assist with homework or review for a test. They are also involved throughout the day in helping students learn to deal with other people and growing up.

A central feature of the HCS experience is the extracurricular activities that are available. Sports, music, drama, camping and canoeing are some activities the students may choose to be involved in. Although the students have a full schedule throughout the week, there is still time for the students to read, sort their card collections, watch snapping turtles lay eggs, and beavers build dams. They can build with Legos, race model cars, play a variety of board games and run through the woods and fields.

Team and individual sports emphasize friendly competition and basic skill development. Sports that are played on a regular basis are: soccer, flag football, softball, basketball, tennis, kickball, and floor hockey. Because of the wonderful surroundings, activities include: hiking, canoeing, swimming, sledding, ice skating, snow fort building, snowshoeing, exploring and camping.

Grades: 3-12

Student capacity: 22

Class size: 4

Tuition: $48,000

Student/Staff ratio: 1:2

Sex: all-boys

Extra Info: If your child has had trouble adjusting socially in a large school and needs extra attention, then Hampshire County School may be a good choice for him.

Website: hampshirecountryschool.org

Phone: 603-899-3325