Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is located in Fergus Falls, MN and is a coeducational boarding school for grades 9-12 with focus on college preparation.

The mission of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is to equip students in a Christ-centered, Bible-based environment for a life of significance. HLA is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality of Christian education. What is unique and challenging about the liberal arts curriculum at HLA is that the Bible is the cornerstone. Students are given a well-balanced educational program so they can be prepared for the rigors of college and life. HLA offers three educational paths: advanced level honors program with advanced placement, a college preparatory program, and a program for students who need help in specific areas. Students at HLA receive the care and attention they need to succeed, built upon their spiritual foundation needed to integrate their faith into their future goals. The student body at HLA is very diverse and students have the opportunity to learn from each other and the different cultures of the world. Both staff and students at HLA enjoy a sense of community and belonging, and that they are valued and treated fairly by all. HLA challenges their student to perform at their highest level and to actively use their talents and abilities in spreading the gospel and furthering the work of the kingdom. Students are encouraged to think with as much integrity and rigor with their education as well as matters of faith. HLA provides a quality Christian education that engages the heart and mind.

Athletics are an important part of life at HLA, with competitive sports such as: cross country, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, football and more.

The fine arts programs offer band, with concert band, jazz ensemble, junior high band for instrumentalists at all levels, and individual lessons are available. Mixed choir is open to all students who are interested in learning to sing in a large choral ensemble. The concert choir is by audition and the students receive more advanced vocal training. Advanced arts have studio courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design, and photography.

HLA provides the students the opportunity to spread the gospel through their different missions. Mission Minneapolis is an opportunity to take a mission trip to the inner-city of Minneapolis with a church working to do outreach to their community. The students work alongside the church and they build strong relationships with the parishioners as they help communicate the gospel to the inner-city.

Grades: 9-12

Student Capacity: 185

Tuition: $7,835

Student/Staff ratio: 1:9

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Hillcrest Lutheran Academy offers their students the opportunity to enroll in the many Bible Courses.

Website: ffhillcrest.org

Phone: 218-739-3371