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The Cambridge School of Weston is a coeducational day and boarding school for grades 9-12. Located in Weston, MA the school is dedicated to helping students learn from a wide range of teaching styles. The school was founded in 1886, by Arthur and Stella Scott Gilman, The Gilman School, prepared young girls for Radcliffe College. Boys were accepted up to the third grade. In the year 1896, Helen Keller attended the school for one year. 1931 the name of the school was changed to The Cambridge School of Weston.

The boarding school opened with 106 students and nine teachers. In that same year the Lab System was instituted. With a two-hour laboratory period, the students worked with the teachers on the projects of their own choosing. The Hobby House was constructed in 1932 and was used for woodworking for many years. In 1939 Town Meeting was introduced, this is a form of student government that continues today.

The year 1951 found the expansion of many building to keep up with the school enrollment. In 1953 the Science Wing begins construction and then is completed in 1956. In 1973 the school expands class hours and expands to off-campus activities. An accidental fire burns the Dining Hall in 1974. Months later it is replaced with a solar-heated system. For the years that follow, a performing arts center opens, with a stage and sound system, recital hall and multiple musical instrument practice rooms. They also receive a new history and English department and classes. The Garthwaite Center for Science and Art was constructed in 2006.

The Cambridge School of Weston attracts intellectual, creative and talented students and faculty. The students work to master their academic skills and are encouraged to purse personal levels of excellence. They take an active role in their learning and meet the challenges of each day. The school population is very diverse, with different ethnicities, classes, religions, and races. Respect for each other makes the community at Cambridge a safe environment for everyone there. The core mission is to enable student to become, creative, socially responsible, thoughtful, healthy adults.

Students are required to complete three athletic credits each year. This can be through participation in a team sport, or a combination of various recreational physical education classes. They offer a wide range of individual activities also such as: yoga, cycling, weight training and martial arts. The Wilderness Program takes students on extended hiking trips to the White Mountains, sea kayaking adventures and solo winter camping experiences.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity339
Student Class Size14
Tuition (Yearly)$47,900
Student/Staff Ratio1:6
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.This school has a very diverse school population and offers a post-graduate year.
Website Infowww.csw.org
Phone Number781-642-8650

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